2017 Newsletters

Date Volume Keywords
January & February Volume 43 No. 1 Mosquito Mountains Part 3
March Volume 43 No. 2 Microbiome of Astragalus lentiginosus
April Volume 43 No. 3 Intermountain Flora Volume 7 Review
May Volume 43 No. 4 Field trips and events schedule
June Volume 43 No. 5 Field trip updates
July and August Volume 43 No. 6 Tree Lines Review
September Volume 43 No. 7 Penstemons of the Uinta Basin
October Volume 43 No. 8 Agaves, Yuccas and Their Kin
November & December Volume 43 No. 9 Announcements and job listings


2016 Newsletters

Date Volume Keywords
January & February Volume 42 No. 1 Grant opportunities
March Volume 42 No. 2 Field Trips and Meetings
April Volume 42 No. 3 Ceanothus bakeri rediscovered, Death Valley
May Volume 42 No. 4 Peavine Mountain, Linanthus bigelovii
June Volume 42 No. 5 Key to the Eriastrum species in Nevada
July and August Volume 42 No. 6 Mosquito Mountains Part 1
September Volume 42 No. 7 Mosquito Mountains Part 2
October Volume 42 No. 8 Belly Flowers
November & December Volume 42 No. 9 Carson Valley Monkeyflowers


2015 Newsletters

Date Volume Keywords
January & February Volume 41 No. 1 A tribute to James Reveal
March Volume 41 No. 2 New membership dues, Madora Lake
April Volume 41 No. 3 Tales from the herbarium
May Volume 41 No. 4 Book Review: Field Guide to Nevada Shrubs
June Volume 41 No. 5 Astragalus bolanderi
July and August Volume 41 No. 6 Carson Valley Monkeyflower; Summit Lake; Slaughterhouse Canyon
September Volume 41 No. 7 Pectis papposa
October Volume 41 No. 8 Eriogonum rupinum
November & December Volume 41 No. 9 Herbarium Update, Bidens in Nevada


2014 Newsletters

Date Volume Keywords
January & February Volume 40 No. 1 Grants, new herbarium at UNR, upcoming classes
March Volume 40 No. 2 Rare Plant Workshop, Chorizanthe rigida
April Volume 40 No. 3 Field Trips, Grant Recipients
May Volume 40 No. 4 Joshua Trees Field Trip Report
June Volume 40 No. 5 Event schedule, Carex field guide new edition
July Volume 40 No. 6 Long Valley field trip report
September Volume 40 No. 7 Eremopyrum bonaepartis, Melica subulata
October Volume 40 No. 8 Washoe Lake and Grass Lake Field Trips
November Volume 40 No. 9 Geiger Grade Field Trip


Popular Publications

Wildflowers of the Northern Nevada Cold Desert - 2012 - $10

This book was written for the person with a beginning interest in wildflowers, and designed to be easy to use.  Color photos of the flowers are arranged by color, and the booklet shows only the most common wildflowers of the local area.  The emphasis of the book is plants found at lower elevations, primarily the sagebrush and pinyon-juniper dominated habitats on the valley floors and foothills of northern Nevada.  Thus one is not faced with a book of several hundred pages and the problem of eliminating flowers not found here.  Information about the Great Basin, some common non-native plants, a glossary and other features are included.  It would make a great gift for someone who is beginning to take an interest in native plants.

Eastern Mojave Wildflower Poster - 2010 - $15

This stunning poster depicts 46 of the eastern Mojave's most beautiful native wildflowers.  Artwork by Sharon Schafer.

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