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Joint Northern and Southern Nevada Zoom Meeting Schedule

September 8, 6:30 pm Speaker: Maria Jesus_"Worth more than gold: A vascular flora of the southern Inyo Mountains, Inyo County CA"
October 13, 6:30 pm Speaker: Peter Weisberg_ "Pinyon-juniper woodlands of the Great Basin: Taking the long view on past and future vegetation changes"
November 10, 6:30 pm ( NNPS elections held) Speaker: Sierra Sampson_ "Ethnobotany in Nevada"
Dec-Jan: no meeting
February 9, 2022, 6:30 pm Speaker: Lesley DeFalco_ "Restoration of Joshua Tree"

During 2020 NNPS held no meetings due to COVID restrictions at our meeting venues. The 2021 NNPS Board approved plans to begin a joint Northern/Southern Nevada meeting on-line in March, 2021. Meetings for this Fall have been moved to the 2nd Wednesday of September, October, and November. This has been done to resolve time conflicts with other meetings that occur the 1st week of the month. Zoom meetings begin with an open chat period at 6:30 pm, business meeting opens at 7 pm; the program commonly begins around 7:15 pm.

2004 Meetings

December 2004:

NNPS XMAS POT LUCK (December 23rd). This will be at 920 Valley Rd. (same place as November 2004 meeting) starting at 5:30. Bring a favorite Xmas treat and a potluck dish. In the spirit of Christmas and learning more about each other we are asking everyone to bring a batch of your family's favorite Xmas treats: tamales, stollen, gingerbread, etc. (and recipe to share). If your traditional item is a dessert, please bring a non-desert item as well so we can balance out the food pyramid at the buffet! RSVP: Christy Malone (784-1105 or unrherb [at] unr [dot] edu.
November 2004:

Annual meeting (November 4th). We will be electing new officers and at-large Board Members. Then Christy Malone will lead a panel discussion on Small Scale Propagation of Native Plants. This will be a hands on presentation that will include information, techniques, and methods for growing plants from seed. This presentation will take place in the classroom next to the herbarium at 920 Valley Road (look for signs). This is one building south of (toward the freeway from) the current meeting place. NOTE DIFFERENT LOCATION FOR THIS MEETING. Gary Monroe will be bringing seeds for about twenty species of Penstemon. Any members with seed to exchange please bring it to this meeting. Seed envelopes will be available. Seed exchange will begin at 7 pm.
October 2004:

Regular meeting (October 7th). Rose Strickland and Dennis Ghiglieri will speak on Following in the steps of Ripley and Barneby. In 2001 they followed the 1944 route of Dwight Ripley and Rupert Barneby as described in Impressions of Nevada - the countryside and some of the plants - as seen through the eyes of an Englishman, by Dwight Ripley. Reprinted in NNPS Occasional Papers no 3.
September 2004:

Regular meeting (September 2nd). Ann Pinzl will talk on Papua New Guinea - Kaukau Anyone?
May 2004:

Regular meeting (May 6th). Member slides: Feel free to bring up to 20 slides to share with the group.
April 2004:

Nevada Rare Plant Workshop (April 1st) in Reno. Contact James Morefield (email: jdmore [at] heritage [dot] nv [dot] gov), phone 775-684-2902) for more information.
Regular meeting (April 1st). Jan Nachlinger will speak on Desert Islands: Highlights of Two Decades of Botanical Explorations in Nevada.
March 2004:

Regular meeting (March 4th). Bob Goodman will present a slide show about the Nature Study Area in Lemmon Valley entitled Swan Lake - The Backyard Treasure.
February 2004:

Regular meeting (February 5th). Rebecca Niell, UNR Graduate Student, will speak on Butterfly uses of native plants.
January 2004:

Annual Board meeting (Thursday, January 29th). All officers, Board members, and committee chairs are encouraged to attend, beginning 5:30 pm at Jerry Tiehm's house.

2003 Meetings

November 2003:

Regular meeting (November 6th). Peter F. Brussard, Department of Biology at UNR, will give us a talk entitled Butterflies, their food plants, and livestock grazing. Included in the talk will be a general introduction to butterflies, their larval food plants, and their adult nectar sources.
October 2003:

Regular meeting (October 2nd). Evert Broderick and Kim Powers will show us a photo chronicle of their recent trip to northern Ecuador. They spent time in a mid-elevation cloud forest as well as the paramo, a wind-swept, high elevation steppe covered with a unique and bizarre flora. A focus of the presentation is the deforestation of these regions and what one Ecuadorian foundation is doing to stop the damage
September 2003:

Regular meeting (September 4th). Alanah Woody, Collections Manager at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City will speak on Rock Art of Nevada. Rock art is engravings or paintings on stone and is found throughout the world. Nevada has a wide diversity of prehistoric and even some historic rock art ranging in age from as much as 10,000 years ago to historic times. It is found in a variety of settings and although many questions remain as to it's function or meaning, all agree that it has great artistic merit and the threat to it's preservation is on the rise.
May 2003:

Regular meeting (May 1st). Rich Rust, Biology Professor, will speak on Threesomes in the Plant World or Maximizing your Pollinators with Native Bees and other Friends.
April 2003:

Regular meeting (April 3rd). Paul Tueller, Environmental and Resource Sciences Professor, will talk on Nevada Plant Communities.
Nevada Rare Plant Workshop (April 1st, 9 am to 5 pm, Las Vegas). Contact Jim Morefield (jdmore [at] heritage [dot] nv [dot] gov or 775-684-2902) or visit for more information.
March 2003:

Regular meeting (March 6th). James Young and Charlie Clements, Agriculture Research Service in Reno, will talk about their new book, Purshia: The wild and bitter roses.
February 2003:

Regular meeting (Feb. 6th). Brian Beffort and Marge Sill, Conservation Director for Friends of Nevada Wilderness, will give a slide show on 18 new wilderness areas designated in southern Nevada.

2002 Meetings

November 2002:

Regular meeting (Nov. 7th). Gary Monroe will show slides and talk about the 2002 NNPS trip to Ash Meadows.
October 2002:

Regular meeting (Oct. 3rd). Jim Morefield, Botanist with the Nevada Natural Heritage Program, will give a slideshow and talk entitled "Rare and interesting plants of the White Mountains of California and Nevada".
September 2002:

Regular meeting (Sept. 5th). Ann Pinzl will give a talk entitled "Economic plants of the world - a look at some local markets.
May 2002:

Regular meeting (May 2nd). Dawn Rafferty, invasive weed specialist with the Nevada Department of Agriculture, will give a presentation on (ob)noxious weeds.
April 2002:

Grass Identification Class (April 2-3). The University of Nevada, Reno herbarium will be offering a two day class on grass identification. Participants will learn terminology, dissecting techniques with the aid of a dissecting scope, use of keys, and how to collect and press specimens. Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of Intermountain Flora volume 6 to class. Identifications will be limited to flowering material only and participants are encouraged to bring their own unidentified collections to class. Instructors: Arnold Tiehm and Christy Malone. For more information contact Christy at 775-784-1105 or cmalone [at] unr [dot] edu.
Nevada Rare Plant Workshop (April 4th, 9 am to 5 pm). Contact Jim Morefield (jdmore [at] heritage [dot] nv [dot] gov or 775-684-2902) or visit for more information.
Regular meeting (April 4th). Jim Shevock, Botanist with the Pacific West Regional Office of the National Park Service, will give a talk on our current knowledge (or lack thereof) of Nevada's native mosses, or Nevada's miniature bryophyte forests.
March 2002:

Regular meeting (March 7th). Eric Peterson with the Nevada Natural Heritage Program will talk about Lichens in Nevada and the western U.S.
February 2002:

Regular meeting (February 7th). Michael Cameron with The Nature Conservancy will speak about the Truckee River Project.

2001 Meetings

November 2001:

Regular meeting (November 1st). Gail Durham, botanist for the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit of the U.S. Forest Service, will speak on Guide to Great Basin wildflowers.
October 2001:

Regular meeting (October 4th). Jan Nachlinger of The Nature Conservancy will speak on Winter and spring floras of unique southern California habitats.
September 2001:

Regular meeting (September 6th). John Stanley of the Desert Research Institute will speak on Riparian habitat restoration in California.
August 2001:

Pot luck dinner, social, and tour (August 9th) at Rancho San Rafael Park.
May 2001:

Regular meeting (May 3rd). Speakers will be Steve and Paula Gessler.
April 2001:

Regular meeting (April 5th). Ron Lanner will speak on the uncommon biology of Great Basin bristlecone pine.
March 2001:

Regular meeting (March 1st). Larry Taylor will present a slide show on NNNPS's 2000 field trips.
February 2001:

Regular meeting (February 1st). Ann Pinzl will present a talk and slide show on her recent trip to Egypt.

2000 Meetings

November 2000:

Regular meeting (November 2nd). Jeanne Chambers, U.S.D.A. Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station, will speak on Great Basin Riparian Areas: understanding the effects of climate and humans.
October 2000:

Regular meeting (October 5th). Jim Morefield will speak on a trip he took to China.
September 2000:

Regular meeting (September 7th). Members' slides.
May 2000:

Regular meeting (May 4th). Final spring meeting for 2000. Robin Tausch, U.S.D.A. Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station, will speak on The paleoecology, geomorphology, and changing of Great Basin ecosystems.
April 2000:

Annual Nevada Rare Plant Workshop (April 6th, all day). Contact Jim Morefield (jdmore [at] heritage [dot] nv [dot] gov or 775-684-2902) for more information.
Regular meeting (April 6th). Sue Donaldson, UNR Cooperative Extension Service, will speak on the War on Noxious Weeds currently being waged in northern Nevada.
March 2000:

Regular meeting (March 2nd). Rich Rust, Professor of Biology at the University of Nevada, Reno, will speak on White horses, pink flamingos, and spitting cucumber: My summers in Provence (France).
February 2000:

Regular meeting (February 3rd). Mitzi Hultin, NNNPS member, will show slides and give us a travelogue from a trip she took to Greece last summer.


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