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The Jepson Herbarium

The Jepson Herbarium offers classes in basic botany and weekend workshops throughout California.

The Jepson Herbarium 2011 Calendar

Chico State Herbarium

Friends of the Chico State Herbarium offer a variety of classes.  Money raised through these workshops gives the Friends of the Herbarium the ability to help fund the staff and facilities of The Chico State Herbarium.

Friends of The Chico State Herbarium Calendar

May Arboretum 2011 Calendar

The May Arboretum in Rancho San Rafael Regional Park offers a variety of classes and events, including the annual Spring Plant Sale.

May Arboretum 2011 Calendar

2010 Meetings

December 2010:

  • Henderson: 6th.  Speaker Unknown
  • Reno: No Meeting

November 2010:

  • Henderson: 1st Voting for 2011 Officers.
  • Reno: 4th  Voting for 2011 Officers.
     Janel Johnson from the Nevada Natural Heritage Program will present
    information on growing native plants in the garden. Members can view the
    slideshow here.

October 2010:

  • Reno 7th Lynda Nelson from Washoe County Regional
    Parks will give an update on Restortion Projects, including prescribed
    fire and other projects.
  • Henderson 4th?

September 2010:

  • Reno 2nd Cheryl Beyer from the Lake Tahoe Basin
    Management Unit will present information on the status of Whitebark
    Pine, Pinus albicaulis.
  • Henderson: 13th (Late due to Labor
    Day) Stephen Zitzer from DRI will talk about Native and invasive plant
    recruitment following wildfire in a blackbrush community in Lincoln
    County and a site in sagebush/juniper in White Pine County.

August 2010:

No Meetings

July 2010:

No Meetings

June 2010:

  • Henderson regular meeting (June 7th).
    Member Photos - members are encouraged to bring photos to show off to
    the group from this springs hopefully good wildflower bloom.
  • No Reno meeting.

May 2010:

  • Henderson regular meeting (May 3rd). Lesley DeFalco, USGS plant ecologist, will be giving a presentation on some of the plant work being done by the USGS in southern Nevada.
  • Reno regular meeting (May 6th). Garden
    tour at the home of Connie and Larry Douglas in Spanish Springs. (DO

    Come as early as 5:30 to see what's growing (not as fancy as at
    Steve's last year!) or walk the labyrinth. Potluck dinner - bring an
    appetizer, side dish, salad or dessert to share, Connie will fix a
    main dish. Gary Monroe will bring some travel photos to share, other
    members photos are also welcome. RSVP for directions to Connie at
    775-425-1305 or email at nevadaconnie [at] sbcglobal [dot] net. (Allow
    time for the rush hour traffic to Spanish Springs.)

April 2010:

  • Reno regular meeting (April 1st). Sue Ann Monteleone, Nevada State Museum, will speak on Basketry Plants in the Great Basin.
  • Henderson regular meeting (April 5th). Janel Johnson, NV Natural
    Heritage Program and NNPS Vice President, will be giving a talk on the
    Nevada Natural Heritage Program, its role in plant conservation, how the data
    is used, and how to contribute data. The meeting is also the night
    before the Rare Plant Workshop so it would be a good chance for people
    to meet and mingle before the workshop.

March 2010:

  • Henderson regular meeting (March 1st). Stan Shebs, NNPS board member,
    will be presenting on his many wildflower excursions in southern Nevada
    including his efforts to try to find and photograph as many of the
    flowering plants in the Spring Mtn Flora checklist.
  • Reno regular meeting (March 4th). John Christopherson, Nevada Division
    of Forestry Resource Program Coordinator, will give a program entitled
    Treemendous Changes: changes in local Sierra Nevada Forests from
    settlement by the first Europeans to the current conditions.

February 2010:

  • Henderson regular meeting (February 1st). Fred Edwards, botanist with BLM and NNPS board member, will present on rare plant conservation in Nevada. Bruce Lund will also be there with his supply of botany related books that he has for sale.
  • Reno regular meeting (February 4th). Janel Johnson, Wetlands Ecologist with Nevada Natural Heritage Program, will speak on Common and uncommon plants of Nevada’s wetlands. Janel also is our new Vice-President and she will provide a brief overview of a new independent website in the works for NNPS.

January 2010:

  • Annual Board Meeting in Reno (Thursday, January 28th). 5:30 PM at the
    Black Bear Diner, 2323 S. Virginia Street (across from where Park Lane
    Shopping Center used to be) in Reno. We'll be using their "back room."
    There is a fee for the room, which can be returned if the bill for our
    meals equals or exceeds it -- so please come with an appetite, and plan
    on purchasing dinner there. If you have questions, ask Ann Pinzl
    (775-883-0463 or apinzl [at] sbcglobal [dot] net). Hope to see all 2010
    Officers, Board Members, and Committee Chairs there.

2009 Meetings

December 2009:

Henderson regular meeting (December 7th). Member photos and potluck. The results of the election will also be announced.
November 2009:

Henderson regular meeting (November 2nd). Sharon Schafer will provide us with an update on the wildflower poster she is creating for NNPS. She will also give a presentation on the Art of Nature. We will also be holding NNPS elections.
Reno regular meeting (November 5th). Vice President Ann Pinzl will give a talk entitled Pressing Business in the Botany World or How to collect and press plants for a herbarium.
October 2009:

Reno regular meeting (October 1st). Jim Morefield will give us a presentation entitled Rare Plants and the Nevada Native Plant Society.
Henderson regular meeting (October 5th). Jason Alexander from Utah Valley University Herbarium will give a presentation on the Intermountain Region Block Checklist project website that he is developing along with some of his rare plant research & photos.
September 2009:

Reno regular meeting (September 3rd). Gary Monroe will present Botanical Highlights of the Channel Islands, California and will include such delights as the red flowering yarrow (Achillea millefolium) from San Miguel Island.
Henderson regular meeting (September 15th - TUESDAY!! note the date due to Labor Day holiday). Sonja Kokos will talk about some of the rare plant work being done by the Clark County Desert Conservation Program.
August 2009:

Henderson regular meeting (August 3rd). Joseph Betzler will be presenting on his work on the flora of the Arrow Canyon Range of Clark County.
June 2009:

Henderson regular meeting (June 1st). Members photos - members are encouraged to bring and show off their photos from this spring's wildflower season.
Reno, Plant Sale (June 6th, 8:00 am - noon). The Rancho San Rafael Botanical Society will be having its 18th Annual Plant Sale. The plant list should be available at and then click on Arboretum.
May 2009:

Henderson regular meeting (May 4th). Cayenne Engel of Public Lands Institute will give a presentation on her research on patterns of vegetative recovery after fires in southern Nevada along a 30 year chronosequence.
Reno regular meeting (May 7th) - DATE CORRECTED FROM NEWSLETTER. Garden tour at Steve and Jody Caicco's home in Hidden Valley [DO NOT GO TO OUR USUAL VALLEY ROAD VENUE FOR THE MAY MEETING]. Come as early as 6:00 p.m. to see the rock and other gardens which should be in peak flower in early May. Bring snacks to share. Regular meeting with member's slides at 7:30. RSVP for directions to Steve at (775) 861-6341 or by email, Steve_Caicco [at] fws [dot] gov.
April 2009:

Reno regular meeting (April 2nd). Dr. Gary Blomquist - Professor and Chair of UNR’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department, will speak on the biology of bark beetles and the responses of native trees (pinion, jeffrey, and lodgepole pines) they attack.
Henderson regular meeting (April 6th). Kent Ostler of the Nevada Test Site will give a presentation on his work monitoring sensitive plants and animals on the Nevada Test Site.
March 2009:

Henderson regular meeting (March 2nd).
Reno regular meeting (March 5th). Mary Winter, NNPS member from Carlin, will speak about her botanical adventures in the northeast area of the state and introduce her forthcoming publication, Wildflowers of the Foothill Regions of northeastern Nevada. Please attend and support a NNPS member in her botanical blossoming.
February 2009:

Henderson regular meeting (February 2nd). Dianne Bangle of Public Lands Institute will be giving a presentation on her work on four rare plant species found within southern Nevada.
Reno regular meeting (February 5th). Robin Tausch, U.S. Forest Service, will give a talk entitled One hundred and fifty years of change in Sagebrush-Pinyon-Juniper Vegetation: Composition, fuel loads, and fire patterns.
January 2009:

Reno annual Board Meeting (Thursday, January 29th). Dinner and refreshments will be served at 5:30 and the business meeting will commence at 6:30. The meeting will be held at Arnold Tiehm’s house; please notify him if you plan on attending, 775-329-1645, atiehm [at] unr [dot] edu
Henderson no meeting in January!


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