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Northern Nevada Meetings are held in Reno the first Thursday of February, March, April, May, September, October, and November, from 7-9 pm, We meet in the UNR herbarium, room 300 of Fleischman Agriculture, at the University of Nevada. This is just north of the intersection of 9th St. and Evans Ave. The elevator is located at the east end of the building. WARNING: if you park in the lot at the corner of Evans and Record Way, you will be cited!  You must park on the street. Social time starts at 7 pm and the program will start at 7:30 pm. Contact our Reno meeting coordinator, Charlene Duncan (, if you have questions.

Southern Nevada Meetings are held in Henderson the first Monday of every month (unless otherwise noted when holidays fall on first Mondays), from 6:30-7:30 pm, at the U.S. Geological Survey office at 160 N. Stephanie Street. Program Coordinator: Lesley DeFalco ( If you would like to receive email updates for southern Nevada events, please email and request to be added to the list

Field trips occur throughout spring, summer, and early fall to local and regional areas of botanical interest. Most are on Saturdays, with occasional overnight or weekday events, and are at participants' sole risk. Themes include plant identification, photography, wildflower displays, ecology, rare and endangered species conservation, and weed control.
There is often an August potluck and social at a park or arboretum in the Reno area.
A seed exchange program occurs as members have the time and ability to gather, process, and package seeds. Packets of numerous native species have been made available for the cost of postage.
The Nevada Rare Plant Workshop, co-sponsored with the Nevada Natural Heritage Program, takes place bi-annually the first week of April in either northern or southern Nevada. This two-day workshop gathers botanical experts and resource professionals from throughout the west to discuss current and new information on Nevada's rarest plant species, and to review and recommend conservation priorities for those species. Contact the Rare Plant Committee for further information.
Classes and workshops sponsored by other groups.

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2019 Meetings

January: Henderson  - No meeting scheduled. Have a Happy New Year, and we will see you in February!

February 4th: Henderson -  Jeanette Perry, Botanist with Ecological & Environmental Monitoring at the Nevada National Security Site will present "The Current Status of Sensitive Plant Species on the Nevada National Security Site"

Feb.7,2019: Reno - Dominic Gentilcore, Botany of Gold Butte National Monument.
Mar. 7, 2019: Reno - provisional, Shannon Swim, Sagebrush in Prisons or Greg Gust, Collecting in the Basin and Range National Monument.

2018 Meetings


January: Henderson - no meeting scheduled. Have a Happy New Year and we will see you next meeting!

February 1: Reno – Our first meeting of the year features Alison Agneray, Ph.D. student with the UNR Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Department and recipient of our Margaret Williams Research Grant. The title of her presentation is "A summer of seeds: the kickoff to a native plant research project."

February 5th: Henderson - Stefanie Ferrazzano, Biologist with Clark County Desert Conservation Program, will present her talk entitled "The Clark County Desert Conservation Program’s land reserve units:  current conditions and restoration goals."

March 1: Reno – Jan Nachlinger,  NNPS Outgoing Program Chairperson and botanist will present a program on the flora (and fauna) of Antarctica entitled "Antarctica: Flora of a Continent and its Islands, It's not just about the Penguins."

March 5th: Henderson - Laura Eisenberg, who recently retired as Horticulturist and Nursery Manager at Springs Preserve as well as Urban Forester at Nevada Division of Forestry, will present her talk "The George T. Austin Herbarium:  Mining data to reveal more of the fascinating behaviors of Nevada's butterflies and the habitats that support them."

April 2nd: Henderson - Bob Cosburn, long-time member of American Penstemon Society and devoted "Pent-Spotter", will present his talk "Penstemons We Have Known and Loved in Southern Nevada:  Adventures Chasing Down Penstemons Within 50 miles of Las Vegas."

April 5: Reno – Shannon Swim will discuss her work at the UNR seed bank. A tour of the greenhouse on Valley Road will follow.

May 3 – Great Basin Brewery Beer & Science Series, Great Basin Brewery’s Taps & Tanks Production Facility, 1155 S. Rock Boulevard, Suite #490, Reno.
On the first three Thursdays of May (May3, 10, and 17) from 5:30 -7:30 pm we will present a series of public talks about native plants and pollinators as part of the Great Basin Brewery Beer & Science Series. These talks will be held at Great Basin Brewery’s Taps & Tanks Production Facility. Here is a schedule for the talks on each of the three nights:
Thursday, May 3: The Buzz About Bees
• 6:00: Jake Francis, UNR, Northern Nevada’s Backyard Bees
• 6:20: Dr. Felicity Muth, UNR, What Do Bees Think About?
• 6:40: Dr. Anne Leonard, UNR, Helping Our Native Bees
Thursday, May 10: Monarch Mysteries
• 6:00: Cynthia Scholl, Nevada Bugs and Butterflies, Western Monarch Threats and Conservation
• 6:20: Dr. Beth Pringle, UNR, Milkweeds of the Great Basin
• 6:40: Julie Koop, Nv. Monarch Society, Creating Habitat for Monarchs
Thursday, May 17: Powerful Partnerships
• 6:00: Dr. Sarah Barga, UNR, Under the Shrubs - Overlooked Components of Great Basin Plant Communities
• 6:20: Gabriela Rios-Sotelo, UNR, Bats - The Unsung Heroes of Pollination
• 6:40: Dr. Matt Forister, UNR, Insects and Global Change
Taps & Tanks is at 1155 S. Rock Boulevard, Suite #490, Reno, NV 89502.
For more information, contact our Vice President Sarah Kulpa at

May 5 – Day at the Museum at the University of Nevada, Reno, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We need volunteers to help staff the Nevada Native Plant Society booth at the UNR Biggest Little Pollinator Garden in the courtyard of the Fleischmann Agriculture building. Contact Shannon Swim at This year’s Reno observance of Pollinator Day will be on Saturday, May 5 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and coincides with UNR’s Day at the Museum when nine museums on campus will be open to the public. The Biggest Little Pollinator Garden is adjacent to the Fleischmann Agriculture building which houses the Museum of Natural History. The Society will have an information booth in the Fleischmann Ag quad next to the garden. Our program this year will focus on outside outreach and activities.

May 7th: Henderson - Gail Brandys, University of Nevada Master Gardener and Native Plant Propagation Committee in conjunction with Nevada Division of Forestry will present "How to transform your yard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat (and lessons learned from Nevada's hummingbirds)"

May 10 – Great Basin Brewery Beer & Science Series, Great Basin Brewery’s Taps & Tanks Production Facility,
5:30 -7:30 pm. Tonight’s topic is Monarch Mysteries. Details above.

May 17 – Great Basin Brewery Beer & Science Series, Great Basin Brewery’s Taps & Tanks Production Facility, 5:30 -7:30 pm. The topic of the final talk on native plants and pollinators is Powerful Partnerships. Details above.

May 18 – Annual meeting and potluck, Old Washoe City at the Washoe Zephyr Gardens. This property is the site of the 150+ year-old historic Washoe County Jail. John and Nancy Strickland have developed extensive gardens and rent this property out for weddings, meetings, and other social functions. We will get together from 5:30-7:30 pm. Bring food to share, utensils, and beverages of your choice. You can drive through Pleasant Valley on US 395 or take the Davis Creek Exit #50 from I-580. Please RSVP to Charlene Duncan at cirsium. or (775) 530-7458.

May 26 – Open garden tour of John Weiser’s dry-land garden. Come visit John’s beautiful garden anytime between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. His garden features many native species of mountain,  desert, and steppe plants from across the west with extensive collections of Penstemon, Eriogonum, and cacti. Many will be in bloom! John will be available to answer any questions and he hopes to inspire you to include native plants in your landscapes. His Flickr page features garden photos through the years: https://www. albums/72157608573082260. 485 O’Brien Way, Sparks, NV. Map: Contact John Weiser at johnpweiser@ or (775) 331- 4485.

June 4th: Henderson - Dr. Lawrence Walker, Professor of Plant Ecology at University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Fred Landau, Research Associate at University of Las Vegas, will introduce their new book "A Natural History of the Mojave Desert

June 21- Flight of the Butterflies Screening. Join us on Thursday, June 21 at 7 pm to help us celebrate National Pollinator Week.  Patagonia Outlet Reno (130 South Center St. Reno NV) will be showing the documentary film, Flight of the Butterflies, which tells the amazing story of the annual Monarch butterfly migration. Come to this free event and learn all about why butterflies and pollinators in general are so important to our natural world. 

July and August, 2018: Henderson - Summer Break! No meetings scheduled. Enjoy the rest of the summer.


September 6: Reno – Temitope Israel Borokini: Ivesia webberi;  tougher than you think. Phenology of I. webberi and the role of climate change, community diversity in the species’ known locations and its adaptation potentials in a highly stochastic environment.

September 10th: Henderson (PLEASE NOTE change in date from the 3rd due to Labor Day holiday) - Todd Esque, Research Ecologist with USGS will present "Searching for Joshua Trees from Space...and from a Little Closer"

Oct. 1st: Henderson - Kobbe Shaw, Executive Director with Tortoise Group will present "Wild Tortoise Conservation Through Captive Tortoise Management"

October 4: Reno –  Ann Pinzl, Archives Chair for NNPS and long time member, will give a program on Endemism, Madagascar Style (and a bit more).   My view of a big, fascinating island, with emphasis on its biota, especially botanical.

November 1: Reno –  Jake Francis, Native Bees and review of nutritional ecology of plant-pollinator relationships.

Nov 5th: Henderson - Tiffany Pereira, graduate student in School of Life Sciences at UNLV, will present "Evaluating Long-term Change in Soil Seed Banks, Fertile Islands, and Rare Plant Communities in the Eastern Mojave Desert"
December 3rd, 2018: Henderson - Annual Holiday/End-of-Year Potluck. Please bring a dish/dessert/etc. We will convene to celebrate the end of the year and share your best photos of native/unusual plants from 2018 (20-30 best pics/person please). Compile your photos on a USB drive, and we will project them on the screen for all to view. Also, if you have live/dried plant specimens that you need help identifying, or you have an unusual species that will stump us all, please bring them along. We will also have a native plant seed exchange: bring native seeds that you have (responsibly) gathered over the past year. Coin envelopes / ziploc bags will be provided for folks to take home seeds.

2017 Meetings

January, 2017: Henderson - no meeting scheduled. Have a Happy New Year!

February 2nd, 2017: Reno - Janel Johnson, Botanist and Wetland Ecologist with the Nevada Natural Heritage Program, will give apresentation on 2016's phenomenal Carson Valley monkeyflower super-bloom.

February 6th, 2017: Henderson - Melissa Sanders with Great Basin Institute and Southern Nevada Office of BLM will present her talk entitled "Seeds of Success and the Federal Native Plant Materials Development Program in Southern Nevada".
March 2nd, 2017: Reno - Annie Overlin, UNR Research Scientist, will give a talk entitled "Revegetation of an agricultural wetland: utilizing seed bank and response to biomass management to inform restoration and management". 

March 6th, 2017: Henderson - Dr. Jim Boone, Ecologist and founder of will present his talk entitled "Gold Butte and the Biology of Elevation Gradients".
April 3rd, 2017: Henderson - Mary Poelman, recent graduate from University of Wyoming will present on her thesis "Investigation into the Long-term Persistence of Cultivars along a 30-year Restoration Chronosequence"
April 6th, 2017: Reno - Arnold "Jerry" Tiehm, Herbarium Curator at UNR's Museum of Natural History, will provide the program on 2016's botanical surprises from northwestern Nevada. Title to be announced.
May 1st, 2017: Henderson, Lesley DeFalco, Research Plant Ecologist from US Geological Survey, Henderson Field Office will present "Our endangered Amargosa niterwort (Nitrophila mohavensis): how does it survive under stressful conditions at Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada"
May 11th, 2017: Reno - Annual Garden Party. Join John Weiser at his dry land rock garden in Sparks, Nevada. The garden features many native species of desert, mountain, and steppe plants from across the west with extensive collections of Eriogonum, Penstemon, and cactus species. The party begins at 5:00 pm and goes until dark (in other words, until you can't see your hand in front of your face). Bring light snacks to share (utensils and beverages will be provided). Photos of the garden can be found here: John's address is 485 O'Brien Way Sparks, NV Contact John Weiser -, 775-331-4485 - for any questions.
June 5th, 2017: Henderson, Southern Nevada Spring Photo- and Plant-share meeting. Bring in the best photos of native/unusual plants that you saw so far this spring (20-30 pics/person) to share with others. Please compile them on a USB drive and we will project them on the screen for all to view. Also, if you have live/dried plants that you can't seem to identify, or you have an unusual species to share, bring them along, too! We will have a dissection microscope and plant guides to highlight key characteristics so we can all learn how to identify them in the field.

July and August, 2017: Henderson and Reno - Summer Break! No meetings scheduled. Enjoy the rest of the summer.



September 7th, 2017: Reno - Jim Bishop, California Native Plant Society Fellow, will give a presentation entitled Plant Colors…Beauty and Science all Around Us. Here are some details:  

    Plants offer endless, engaging beauty in their many colors.  There are the blooms of spring in our foothills, lovely desert and mountain wildflowers, the glorious leaves of autumn, and even the beauty of the universal greens of leaves before they turn.  There are interesting stories in all of that.  Part of the story will be about the science—how do plant colors arise, how do conditions such as acidity change pigment colors, what purpose do they serve?  The interesting questions are endless (and not all of the answers are known).  You’ll gain some background that will enrich your understanding and appreciation of plant colors…for example, the fact that plants provide us a key part of the visual means we use to see their beautiful colors…and you’ll have new questions of your own.  And much of the program will be just to enjoy the beauty of the rich and varied colors displayed by plants…flowers, fruits, leaves, and stems…from deserts to mountaintops, from shrublands to fall-color forests and woodlands. 

September 11, 2017: Henderson, Gayle Tyree with the Chicago Botanic Garden will discuss her collaboration with BLM and USGS on the Mojave Ecoregion Priority Species List for Restoration of Upland Habitats. Her talk will focus on how native plant species are selected for large-scale restoration projects and the importance of selecting species that support native pollinators for long-term restoration success. Please note the change in meeting from the first to the second Monday for this month due to the Labor Day holiday on the 4th.

October 2, 2017: Henderson, Tarl Norman, Biologist with National Park Service, will present his talk "Vegetation Management in Clark County: Eldorado Valley, the Muddy River, and beyond".

October 5th, 2017: Reno - Kris Kuyper, Biology Program Manager with EM Strategies, will present Rare Plants in Real Life. Case Studies from a Mine, a Water Pipeline, and a Highway.

November 2nd, 2017: Reno - Janel Johnson, NNPS President, will provide us with an overview of, a website to share your natural history observations and help others identify their contributions.

November 6, 2017: Henderson, Nicole Hupp, Ecologist with National Park Service Inventory & Monitoring Program will present her talk "Friends in Low Places: plant facilitation in Nevada's harsh ecosystems." Please note the rescheduling of this presentation from the original September meeting date.

December 4th, 2017: Henderson - Annual Holiday Potluck / Photo & Native Plant Share meeting. Please bring a dish/dessert/etc. to share with others. This is also a time to show your best photos of native/unusual plants from 2017 (20-30 best pics/person). Please compile them on a USB drive, and we will project them on the screen for all to view. Also, if you have live/dried plant specimens that you need help in identifying, or you have an unusual species that will stump us all, bring them along. And for the first time, we will have a native plant seed exchange: please bring native seeds that you have (responsibly) gathered over the past year. Coin envelopes / ziploc bags will be provided for folks to take home seeds.

2016 Meetings

September 1, 2016: Reno - Julie Carville, author of Lingering in Tahoe’s Wild Gardens and Hiking Tahoe’s Wildflower Trails will feature her new book titled Tahoe’s Spectacular Wildflower Trails. The book includes 21 scenic wildflower trails along with a wildflower and tree guide with color photographs. She will have books available for purchase (think "Christmas gift!").
September 12, 2016: Henderson - Dr. Elisabeth Hausrath (Associate Professor, Department of Geoscience, UNLV) will present her research on Interactions of snow algae, minerals and microorganisms in low-nutrient snowy environments. Please note change of meeting date from the first Monday to second Monday due to the holiday.
October 3, 2016: Henderson - John Jones will present "Invasive Weed Priorities for Southern Nevada". The Southern Nevada Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) is a partnership of agencies, landowners and organizations working together to address invasive weed issues in our area.  Chair John Jones will present an introduction to the CWMA and the priority weed species that pose a threat to native plants and ecosystems as well as to our communities and agriculture.

October 6, 2016: Reno - Mare Nazaire, a 2011 recipient of NNPS' Margaret Williams Research Grant will give the evening presentation. The title of her talk is Diversification in Mertensia (Boraginaceae), with emphasis on Nevada's species.

November 3, 2016: Reno - Annual election of society officers; Brian Smithers, PhD candidate in Ecology at UC Davis and a recipient of NNPS' Margaret Williams Research Grant, will speak on Tree Species Range Shifts Above Treeline in the Great Basin and Our Disappearing Alpine Habitat.
February 4, 2016: Reno - Kevin Burls and/or Cynthia Scholl will present a program titled Nevada Bugs and Butterflies: Celebrating the invertebrates of the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada. This will be of interest to members of the plant society whom are often heard exclaiming "Who is that lovely pollinator?" 

March 3, 2016: Reno - Sarah Kulpa (Botanist, USFWS) and Erin Hourihan (Ecological Site Inventory Specialist, NRCS) will present a talk entitled, Why Should We Care about Soils and Native Plants.
April 7, 2016: Reno - Lea Condon, a 2013 recipient of NNPS' Margaret Williams Research Grant will give the talk entitled, Biological Soil Crusts of the Great Basin: An Examination of their Distribution, Recovery and Influences on Native Plant Communities Following Fire
Join Lea and Jan (Program Chair) for dinner at 5:30 prior to the meeting at Grate Full Gardens, 55 So. Virginia Street.

May 5, 2016: Reno - Our annual Garden Party will be held at the Pollinator Garden in the quad behind our normal meeting building at Fleishmann Ag on UNR campus. Starts at 5:30 pm, bring a hand lens, folding chair or lawn blanket, finger food to share, and your own beverage.

June  6, 2016: Henderson - Jaina Moan, Executive Director of Friends of Gold Butte, will present "Protecting Nevada's Piece of the Grand Canyon: An Update from Gold Butte".



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