Past Meetings

2001 Meetings

November 2001:

Regular meeting (November 1st). Gail Durham, botanist for the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit of the U.S. Forest Service, will speak on Guide to Great Basin wildflowers.
October 2001:

Regular meeting (October 4th). Jan Nachlinger of The Nature Conservancy will speak on Winter and spring floras of unique southern California habitats.
September 2001:

Regular meeting (September 6th). John Stanley of the Desert Research Institute will speak on Riparian habitat restoration in California.
August 2001:

Pot luck dinner, social, and tour (August 9th) at Rancho San Rafael Park.
May 2001:

Regular meeting (May 3rd). Speakers will be Steve and Paula Gessler.
April 2001:

Regular meeting (April 5th). Ron Lanner will speak on the uncommon biology of Great Basin bristlecone pine.
March 2001:

Regular meeting (March 1st). Larry Taylor will present a slide show on NNNPS's 2000 field trips.
February 2001:

Regular meeting (February 1st). Ann Pinzl will present a talk and slide show on her recent trip to Egypt.

2000 Meetings

November 2000:

Regular meeting (November 2nd). Jeanne Chambers, U.S.D.A. Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station, will speak on Great Basin Riparian Areas: understanding the effects of climate and humans.
October 2000:

Regular meeting (October 5th). Jim Morefield will speak on a trip he took to China.
September 2000:

Regular meeting (September 7th). Members' slides.
May 2000:

Regular meeting (May 4th). Final spring meeting for 2000. Robin Tausch, U.S.D.A. Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station, will speak on The paleoecology, geomorphology, and changing of Great Basin ecosystems.
April 2000:

Annual Nevada Rare Plant Workshop (April 6th, all day). Contact Jim Morefield (jdmore [at] heritage [dot] nv [dot] gov or 775-684-2902) for more information.
Regular meeting (April 6th). Sue Donaldson, UNR Cooperative Extension Service, will speak on the War on Noxious Weeds currently being waged in northern Nevada.
March 2000:

Regular meeting (March 2nd). Rich Rust, Professor of Biology at the University of Nevada, Reno, will speak on White horses, pink flamingos, and spitting cucumber: My summers in Provence (France).
February 2000:

Regular meeting (February 3rd). Mitzi Hultin, NNNPS member, will show slides and give us a travelogue from a trip she took to Greece last summer.

1999 Meetings

November 1999:

Regular meeting (November 4th). Dave Weixelman of the U.S. Forest Service will speak on Sedges of the Tahoe Meadows areas.
October 1999:

Regular meeting (October 7th). Chris Ross, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Nevada, Reno, will speak on Revegetation of disturbed lands.
September 1999:

Regular meeting (September 2nd). Arnold Tiehm will speak on The Spring That Finally Came. This will be a slide show on his travels in western Nevada in the spring of 1998 and the wonderful wildflowers that the late, wet spring produced.
May 1999:

Final spring meeting for 1999 (May 6th). Ann Pinzl will show slides of a recent trip she took to Baja California.


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