2003 Meetings

November 2003:

Regular meeting (November 6th). Peter F. Brussard, Department of Biology at UNR, will give us a talk entitled Butterflies, their food plants, and livestock grazing. Included in the talk will be a general introduction to butterflies, their larval food plants, and their adult nectar sources.
October 2003:

Regular meeting (October 2nd). Evert Broderick and Kim Powers will show us a photo chronicle of their recent trip to northern Ecuador. They spent time in a mid-elevation cloud forest as well as the paramo, a wind-swept, high elevation steppe covered with a unique and bizarre flora. A focus of the presentation is the deforestation of these regions and what one Ecuadorian foundation is doing to stop the damage
September 2003:

Regular meeting (September 4th). Alanah Woody, Collections Manager at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City will speak on Rock Art of Nevada. Rock art is engravings or paintings on stone and is found throughout the world. Nevada has a wide diversity of prehistoric and even some historic rock art ranging in age from as much as 10,000 years ago to historic times. It is found in a variety of settings and although many questions remain as to it's function or meaning, all agree that it has great artistic merit and the threat to it's preservation is on the rise.
May 2003:

Regular meeting (May 1st). Rich Rust, Biology Professor, will speak on Threesomes in the Plant World or Maximizing your Pollinators with Native Bees and other Friends.
April 2003:

Regular meeting (April 3rd). Paul Tueller, Environmental and Resource Sciences Professor, will talk on Nevada Plant Communities.
Nevada Rare Plant Workshop (April 1st, 9 am to 5 pm, Las Vegas). Contact Jim Morefield (jdmore [at] heritage [dot] nv [dot] gov or 775-684-2902) or visit http://heritage.nv.gov/workshop.htm for more information.
March 2003:

Regular meeting (March 6th). James Young and Charlie Clements, Agriculture Research Service in Reno, will talk about their new book, Purshia: The wild and bitter roses.
February 2003:

Regular meeting (Feb. 6th). Brian Beffort and Marge Sill, Conservation Director for Friends of Nevada Wilderness, will give a slide show on 18 new wilderness areas designated in southern Nevada.