2019 Field Trips

April 14th – Caughlin Ranch area west side of Reno. We should have the opportunity to see Beckwith violets, and Ranunculus glaberrimus var. glaberrimus. Also found on this alluvial fan are Astragalus purshii var. tinctus, Lewisia rediviva var. minor, Erigeron bloomeri var. bloomer, Eriogonum douglasii var. meridionale, Allium parvum, Toxicoscordion venenosum, Lithophragma glabrum, Trifolium macrocephalum, and several Lomatiums. Add Delphinium andersonii and Fritillaria atropurpurea to the list if we climb to base of the hills that skirt the fan.
        We will not carpool for this trip since it is on the outskirts of Reno. We will start at 10:00 am and meet at the intersection of Sierra Pine Drive and Pinehaven Road in Reno. Map to location: https://goo.gl/maps/Gj8NSAyc45k 
Contact John Weiser: johnpweiser@yahoo.com, 775-331-4485.
April 27th – Deadman’s Creek Trail. The trail is located at the southeast corner of Washoe State Park and winds its way up the drainage of Deadman’s Creek to a scenic lookout atop the bluff. Along the slopes we should find riparian and steppe vegetative communities. Plants of interest include Phlox diffusa, Ranunculus andersonii, Erigeron glacialis, Phacelia curvipes, Prunus andersonii, and Lupinus arbustus to name a few.
      There is parking for four or five vehicles at the trailhead. Those who wish to carpool from Carson should meet at meet at the Save Mart at the corner of College and Carson Streets in Carson City at 9:45 am. Those wishing to carpool from Reno meet at the Doughboy’s Donuts shop located in the South Town Shopping Center at 57 Damonte Ranch Parkway by 9:45 am. We should be on site by 10:00 am. Map to location: https://goo.gl/maps/HE6kq7jUdvA2
Contact John Weiser: johnpweiser@yahoo.com, 775-331-4485.
April 27th -  Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, southern Nevada: Come see White Bearpoppy, the Spring-loving Centaury (in flower), the Alkali Mariposa Lily (with its color variation found here), the Ash Meadows Milkvetch (post flowering), the Ash Meadows Ivesia (possibly flowering), possibly the Tecopa Bird’s Beak (possibly flowering), as well as a host of other plant species in flower.  The refuge also has beautiful springs and a variety of habitats. Bring field shoes (may get muddy or wet), insect repellent and lunch, and water. Field trippers will meet at 9:00 am at the Horizon Market on Bell Vista Road (2030 W Bell Vista Ave, Pahrump, NV 89060.) The Horizon Market is on the northwest corner of Bell Vista Road and North Leslie Street, on the north side of Pahrump. Take highway 160 through Pahrump to Bell Vista Road.  There are highway signs that point to Death Valley and to Ash Meadows Wildlife Area from both the north and the south. Take Bell Vista Road west, two stop signs, and the Horizon Market is at the second stop sign, across from the Family Dollar Store  Larry drives a small silver Madza so you can find him in the parking lot. Note:  The road into the refuge is gravel, dusty, and rough, so we may want to carpool from the meeting location. If you are interested in going, please email or text Larry (or call if you like) so he knows who to meet at the market. llodwick@lodwick.com, (805)844-9499. If anyone wants to carpool from Henderson or south Las Vegas, let Larry know. He has room for two people.

April 28th - Flint Drive, Carson City Janel will lead a trip to look at Carson Valley monkeyflower plus any other interesting spring flowers. We will meet at a large pullout at the intersection of Flint Drive and Eastgate Siding Road at 1:30 pm. Take Highway 50 east from Carson City and halfway up the hill to Moundhouse, follow the signs for the landfill and the V&T Railway Depot. The pullout is directly across from Eastgate Siding Road, about 0.4 miles from the Highway. The site we will visit is the location of the new disc golf course, which is still under construction. We will see Carson Valley Monkeyflower (Erythranthe carsonensis) and bristly mousetails (Myosurus apetalus) and possibly Steamboat monkeyflower (Diplacus ovatus) and starcup (Gymnosteris nudicaulis). There are an abundance of other common wildflowers too, though only the small annuals are blooming this early. Contact Janel for any questions: president@nvnps.org

May 18th The Red Rock Road area located north of Cold Springs and Hallelujah Junction on the Hwy 395 corridor. On this trip, we will be botanizing the area around the colorful rock and soil formations found in this area. We hope to catch the sand lilies (Leucocrinum montanum ) and Phlox speciose in bloom.  Bring a lunch, water, warm jacket, gloves and headgear, due to our ever-changing spring weather. For the adventurous hikers that may wish to climb up the formations I would suggest appropriate hiking gear such as walking sticks and good boots etc.
    Those traveling from the Carson area should meet at the Save Mart at the corner of College and Carson Streets in Carson City at 8:00 am to car pool. Plan on heading to the McDonalds Restaurant located at 120 Lemon Drive in north Reno by 9:00 am. Those traveling from Reno will meet at the Lemon Drive McDonalds at 9:00am to await the arrival of the southern contingent. We will leave the second meeting point at 9:15. Map to location: 
Contact John Weiser: johnpweiser@yahoo.com, 775-331-4485
May 25th – Red Hill.  This unique location on the north edge of Reno supports an alliance of seven eriogonum species in a relatively small-integrated community. Other taxa sharing the altered andesite habitat include Lewisia rediviva var. minor, Prunus andersonii, Minuartia nuttallii var. fragilis, and Allium parvum. There is plenty of parking on site.
      Those who wish to carpool from Carson should meet at the Save Mart at the corner of College and Carson Streets in Carson City at 9:30 am. Those wishing to attend from Reno can meet on site at 10:00 am. The destination is on the west end of Dandini Road in north Reno. Map to location: https://goo.gl/maps/veoyMSzMWx22.
Contact John Weiser: johnpweiser@yahoo.com, 775-331-4485.