2018 Field Trips

February 24th, 9 am Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Larry Lodwick will lead a field trip to the meadows and share his vast knowledge of the botany in this unique area of southern Nevada. Larry thinks it might still be early for many of the species of plants at Ash Meadows, but he expects to see the Ash Meadows and Preusii’s milkvetches (Astragalus phoenix and A. preussii) yellow pepperweed (Lepidium flavum), and Anderson’s Wolfberry (Lycium andersonii), and perhaps other early bloomers. Field trip participants will visit several interesting habitats within the refuge including sand dunes, springs and other habitats. Anyone interested can contact Larry directly for directions and meeting location. Should be a great early spring trip to the meadows! Hope you can make it! llodwick@lodwick.com(805) 844-9499