2004 Field Trips

August 2004
  • Osgood Swamp, August 7th. We will be exploring an old lake formed by a morainal dam. Sundew and other wetland plants will be major attractions on this trip. A US Forest Service regional botanist will be along to tell us about the area and help identify plants. Will hike one to two miles. Bring waterproof footwear, lunch and water. Two wheel drive vehicle fine. Plan to depart from the “Pink” Scolari’s at 8165 South Virginia Street at 8:00 a.m. or from J.C. Penny’s parking lot in Carson City at 8:40 a.m. We will be proceeding south on 395, and taking U.S. 50 West to South Lake Tahoe and Myers, CA. Leaders: Paul Mungan, 747-4567 and Janet Bair 329-1974.

July 2004

  • Ash Meadows, July 31st. Christy Baldino, US Fish and Wildlife Service, will lead a trip to see some later blooming plants at the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. First meeting spot at 7:00 a.m. at the Albertson's grocery store at the southwest corner of Hwy 95 and Craig Road in Las Vegas. Second meeting spot at 9:00 a.m. at the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters building. Low clearance vehicles OK, but some roads are dirt/gravel. Bring hat, sunscreen, plenty of water and lunch. To sign up or request more information, please contact Sue Wainscott, (702) 737-8744 ext. 12, eriogonum [at] earthlink [dot] net
  • Galena Creek headwaters, July 24th. We will be checking out the mountain flowers at an area along the Mt. Rose Highway approximately one half mile above the Mount Rose Ski Area. Possibly will continue to a second location near Tahoe Meadows. Plan to depart at 8:30 a.m. from the “Pink” Scolari’s at 8165 S. Virginia Street, or at 9:15 a.m from the Mt Rose Ski area parking lot near the Mt. Rose Highway. Leaders: Fred Peterson 747-2364; Ed Kleiner 747-3612.
  • Steens Mountain in Eastern Oregon, July 16th-19th (Friday-Monday). This is an opportunity to explore and check out the flora on fascinating Steens Mountain. The mountain, rising 9,773 feet above sea level, was formed as a result of geological forces thrusting and tilting a large block of basaltic rock upward about 20 million years ago. This block was extensively glaciated during the Ice Age, resulting in the deep gorges and lake-filled depressions that you can see on the mountain today. Hiking distances will vary, and hikes will be of moderate difficulty. Bring what you need to camp at beautiful Page Springs Campground which has fire pits, water, and pit toilets. Departures will be independent with trip officially beginning Friday July 16. Take I-80 east to Winnemucca. Go north on US95 through Fields, Oregon to Frenchglen, Oregon and Page Springs campground. Leader: Paul Mungan, 747-4567. Co-leader: Fred Peterson 747-2364.
  • Lakes Basin area near Graeagle, CA, July 10th. Will be hiking from Grass Lake to Long Lake or Gray Eagle Lodge, a moderately difficult hike of approximately 3 miles. This is a lovely area where it is possible to see many plants in a variety of habitats. Wear good walking shoes and bring lunch and water. Paved roads. Plan to depart at 8:00 a.m. from the McDonald’s at the Lemmon Valley exit on Highway 395 north of Reno, or at 9:00 a.m. from the rest stop west of Beckwourth, California. Leaders: Paul Mungan, 747-45677; Fred Peterson 747-2364.

June 2004

  • Ball Canyon, June 26th. PREFERRED MEETING PLACE: 9:00 a.m. in the parking lot behind Bordertown on Highway 395 for a field trip in Ball Canyon. Take the Bordertown exit off Highway 395 north of Reno, turning left to cross the freeway and then right to Bordertown. Participants will be viewing the native flora on private property west of Bordertown, so gates are involved and it's important to be on time and go in and out with the group. Bring lunch and water. Leader Chris Ross 742-0518. Information Bonnie Larsen 972-0583. (NOTE: a different meeting time and place was accidentally announced for this trip in the printed Newsletter. Any participants who come, by 8:30 a.m., to the McDonalds parking lot at the Lemmon Valley exit off Highway 395 north of Reno will be met and led to the preferred meeting place above.) 
  • Burton Creek, June 19th. Primary stop will be at the meadow at the Placer County Sheriff's office. Other stops may include Burton Creek, Lake Forest Meadow, and Snow Creek. Participants will hike an easy ½ to one mile. Bring lunch, hat, sunscreen and footwear that can take some water. No vehicle restrictions. Meet at McDonald’s at Mae Anne and North McCarran at 8:00 a.m. Second meeting place at McDonald’s at Tahoe City, 9:30 a.m. Field trip will commence at the Placer County sheriff’s office about two miles east of Tahoe City. Leader: John Dyer, (775) 677-2714. Co-Leader: John Reid, (760) 932-9861 or (530) 581-6247.
  • Kyburz Flat, June 12th. Plan to visit moist areas in this Sierra location. Not much walking. Bring lunch, water, mosquito repellent, shoes for wet areas. Will travel on gravel road. No vehicle restrictions. Plan to depart Reno at 8:00 a.m. from near the McDonalds at MaeAnne and N. McCarran or at 8:45 from near the forest service station on CA State Route 89. Area to be visited is approximately 16.5 miles north of I-80 near the rest area at the junction of Hwy. 89 and Fiberboard Road. Leaders: Bill and Nancy Harnach (530) 994-3464, Gary Monroe, 359-4863.

May 2004

  • Churchill Narrows, May 15th. Here is an opportunity to look for the rare Eriogonum diatomaceum as well as other Eriogonums and other plants. An easy one mile walk is necessary to reach the area. Bring food, water, mosquito repellent and hiking shoes. Be prepared for spring weather of any type. High clearance vehicle necessary. Meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Quality Inn on Nugget Avenue, Sparks. Second meeting place will be at the Fort Churchill turnoff from ALT 95 at 9:00 a.m. Leader, Jim Morefield, 684-2902. Co-leader Gary Monroe 359-4863.
  • Peavine's fire-altered landscape, May 8th. Joanne Baggs with the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and Melanie Scott will lead a field trip to visit areas reseeded following last year's fires. Meet at 9:00 am in the McDonald's parking lot at the Lemmon Valley exit off Highway 395. High clearance vehicles strongly recommended. Bring lunch, water, sturdy walking shoes, and sunscreen. Contact co-leaders Joanne Baggs 355-5341 or Melanie Scott 746-1667.

April 2004

  • Mojave Desert washes, April 17th. Jeri Krueger will lead a trip to view Mojave Desert wash communities in the Piute and Eldorado Valleys, south of Boulder City. The trip will focus on catclaw and mesquite habitats and the relationship between these desert trees, parasitic mistletoe and Phainopepla birds. Binoculars are recommended. Bring lunch, water, hat, boots and sunscreen. We will return to Las Vegas at 2:00 pm. Meeting place to be determined, contact Sue Wainscott (see above).
  • Sand Mountain back side, April 17th. This easy one mile hike will have participants looking for plants on the sand sheet in Fairview Valley that was blown in from Sand Mountain. Time and energy permitting, the group may continue to the Fairview Peak earthquake fault scarp. Meet at 8:00 a.m. in the west parking lot of the Quality Inn at 55 E. Nugget Avenue. From I-80 in Sparks, exit McCarran, turn south and then turn right onto Nugget. Second meeting place will be at 9:00 a.m. in McDonald's parking lot along Highway 50 on the west side of Fallon. Be sure to bring lunch and water. Four-wheel drive vehicles are preferable because of the sand, but two-wheel drive O.K. if careful. Car pooling possible as always. Leader: Fred Peterson, 747-2364. Co-leader: Gary Monroe 359-4863.
  • Desert National Wildlife Refuge, April 10th. Janet Bair, David Charlet and Sue Wainscott will lead a field trip to the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, north of Las Vegas. We will be breaking in our copies of the latest Mentzelia, A Flora of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada, so please plan to bring your copy! A limited number of Mentzelia (#7) will be available for sale before the field trip for $15.00. Meet at 8:00 am at the Albertson's near Craig Road and Highway 95. We will then carpool to meet at our second meeting place at 8:45 am at the Refuge's Corn Creek Station. Please note that parking is limited at the Corn Creek Station. The roads are not paved within the refuge, 4-wheel drive recommended. Bring lunch, plenty of water, hat, boots, sunscreen and your copy of Mentzelia #7! We will return to Las Vegas in the afternoon. Contact Sue Wainscott (see above). Muddy River, April 3rd. Ann Schreiber will lead a field trip along the Muddy River to see the effects of recent riparian restoration efforts by the Muddy River Regional Environmental Impact Alleviation Committee. Participants can expect to see Mojave Desert scrubland communities and Mojave Desert riparian communities along this warm-spring-fed river system. We will meet at 7:30 am at The Nature Conservancy's Southern Nevada Office, 3380 West Sahara, Las Vegas and carpool to the Muddy River, approximately 1.5 hours north of Las Vegas, near Moapa. Bring lunch, water, hat, boots and sunscreen. We will return to Las Vegas at 2:00 pm. Contact Sue Wainscott, (702) 737-8744 ext. 12, eriogonum [at] earthlink [dot] net, to sign up and/or request more information.