Herbarium Survey

Since its creation at the Reno Rare Plant Workshop in 2012, the Nevada Herbarium Task Force has been developing a series of initiatives to help with the funding problems at the larger herbaria in Nevada. Although the staff and faculty overseeing the Reno Herbarium have scored a major success by acquiring a larger and renovated facility and funds for Arnold Tiehm to be its part-time curator, the funding situations at other herbaria in Nevada are still in decline.  The UNLV Herbarium has been operating intermittently since it still does not have a faculty curator and a full time collection manager.  

At the 2014 Reno Workshop, a plan to assist the UNLV Herbarium seek institutional support for the creation of a new botany faculty position to oversee the herbarium was developed.  The implementation of this plan, it seems, will be a longer and more complicated process than we thought.  It is clear to me we really need some educational information to assist this effort, since the current goal at UNLV is to push the department toward a medical school emphasis.  This is where everyone interested in native plants and Nevada Herbaria can help.  

The link below is a survey for botanists at any level of expertise, from amateur to professional, who are interested in helping with the effort to preserve the herbaria in Nevada.   This survey was designed based on a user survey for libraries.  Much like libraries, it is also important for curators to know the preferences of current and potential users of Nevada's botanical resources housed at herbaria.  The Nevada Native Plant Society is graciously providing the space on their site to host this survey.  The survey is in PDF format and it contains a link to e-mail the survey back to the NNPS for processing.  

Thank you for taking the time to help us gather this valuable data,

Dr. Jason Andrew Alexander

Nevada Herbarium Task Force Chair
Curator, Utah Valley University Herbarium
Orem, Utah
Please use the latest version of Internet Explorer to fill out the form, or download the form and open with Acrobat Reader.