2013 Field Trips

It is suggested that you check this page before the dates of scheduled field trips to see if changes and updates have been posted. We have several dates open if a member wishes to schedule additional field trips. Please contact John Weiser at johnpweiser@yahoo.com or 775-331-4485.  

Bring plenty of water, lunch, hiking gear, appropriate clothing, wide brimmed hat, sunscreen and insect repellent. 

May 4th - 5th ♦ Overnight trip to Big Smoky Valley. 
The leader for this trip will be John Dyer. Big Smoky Valley is located in central Nevada. The valley is about one hundred miles long and stretches through Esmeralda, Nye, and Lander counties. Our destination is toward the southern end of the valley about a 4.5 hour drive from the Carson City/Reno area, a distance of 240 miles. 

We will be traveling on Saturday morning then have a short field trip Saturday afternoon, when we arrive. Later in the afternoon we will get settled in our arranged accommodations and Sunday morning resume our field trips finishing around 2:00pm or 3:00pm, returning home. 
Members should plan to meet at the U.S. Forest Service Office either in Carson City (1536 South Carson Street) or the Sparks Marina Park (300 Howard Drive, in the parking lot on the west side of the park, next to the offices and playground) by 8:00 am on Saturday the 4th. We will meet at the Raley’s parking lot on West Williams Ave (Highway 50) in Fallon at 9:00. We will travel east from Fallon on Highway 50 through Austin, then south on Highway 376 to the Hadley/Carvers area. We will meet our group leader at the intersection of Hwy 50 and Hwy 376. 
Travel time: 4.5 hours. 
Housing: John has 2 extra furnished rooms and a fold out couch (3 to 6 people) plus floor space. Call or Email John at John.Dyer@Kinross.com or moondog@gbis.com, Ph# office 775-377-3250, cell 775-313-4061, cell 775-420-2197 to reserve space. Alternate accommodations can be arranged at the Jumping Jack Motel in Carvers (775-377-2566
There are also motels in Austin, 60 miles to the north west and 55 miles south in Tonopah. 
If you prefer to camp there are several camping sites in the area. Pine Creek on the east side of Jefferson Peak, Monitor Valley (est. 40 miles); Kingston (est. 30 miles); Peavine campground (est. 25 miles). If you wish to camp, let John know and he may be able to find out information on cost and facilities. 
Services: In the Hadley/Carvers area are two gas/diesel stations with small mini marts and sandwich counters; one bar that serves pizza; one BBQ restaurant: and a decent grocery store. 
The dominant features of the area include, the Arc Dome Wilderness in the southern Toiyabe Range, Jefferson Peak in the southern Toquima Range, the Round Mountain Gold Mine, and several hot springs. 
We will be exploring habitats near the southern portion of the valley near the towns of Hadley and Carvers. Destinations will depend on what is in flower and may be adjusted accordingly. It is possible that we may explore areas in the north portion of the valley Saturday afternoon when we arrive. (High clearance vehicles suggested). 
For further information contact John Dyer at John.Dyer@Kinross.com or moondg@gbis.com or John Weiser at johnpweiser@yahoo.com.
May 11th ♦ Timberline Drive 
Our leader for this field trip will be Ray Fletcher. We will be exploring sagebrush steppe habitat along the eastern foothills of the Carson Range. We should see various wildflowers typical of the habitat in bloom.  We are especially hoping to see the Eriogonum caespitosum in bloom.  There are several very large plants in this population. 

For those traveling up from Carson, meet at the U.S. Forest Service Offices located at 1536 South Carson Street, Carson City by 9:00am. Head north to Reno, exit at the Mount Rose Highway heading west to Timberline Dr.  Turn right onto Timberline Dr. heading north. (Note Timberline Drive is at the base of the long slope just before you get to the wooded areas around the Galena Creek neighborhood where the highway narrows to two way traffic.) Go past Whites Creek which is about halfway down Timberline Dr. and follow Timberline to the bridge that crosses Thomas Creek.  Cross the bridge and take the right fork of the dirt road approximately 0.1 mile to the paved parking lot at the Thomas Creek Trailhead.  That is where we will meet at 10:00am(Note the left fork in the road after the Thomas Creek Bridge is a National Forest Service Road so be sure and take the right fork) 
For further information contact Ray Fletcher at plant_man@sbcglobal.net or 775-852-4296 
John Weiser  johnpweiser@yahoo.com or 775-331-4485 
May 18th  Open at this time 
May 25th  Carson River – Hope Valley – National Wildflower Week
Our leader for this trip will be Janel Johnson.  Meet at the U.S. Forest Service Office (1536 South Carson Street, Carson City) by 10:00 am.  We will drive up to Hope Valley, stopping along the way in the Carson River canyon above Woodford’s Station on the way. Early wet meadow plants including shooting stars and buttercups should be blooming by late May. 

June 1st ♦ Plant sale at the Wilbur D May Arboretum  NNPS will have a table at the sale.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Pat Neyman at pf41n@yahoo.com
June 8th  Dog Valley 
Our leader for this field trip will be John Weiser. Located at the western base of Peavine Mountain, Dog Valley supports an interesting blend of three environments: Wet meadow, sagebrush steppe and Jeffery Pine forest. The valley supports one of the last stands of the rare Ivesia aperta var. canina and Ivesia webberi. We will be exploring the interface were the three environments meet and should find many and varied species in a reasonably small area. Those traveling from the Carson Area should meet at the U.S. Forest Service Office (1536 South Carson Street, Carson City) by 9:00 am. Meet at the McDonalds Restaurant located at 120 Lemon Drive in north Reno by10:00am. We will drive north to Bordertown and take Exit 83 to Long Valley Road that links up with Forest Service road# 002 southwest to Dog Valley.

Here is a web link with a general map of the route we will be taking we will be traveling on Forest Service road #002.  http://www.oiccam.com/reno/gps/peavine/pv_overview.html (No high clearance vehicles required but it is suggested). Be sure to wear footgear appropriate for wet conditions since we will be walking across riparian areas. 
For further information contact John Weiser johnpweiser@yahoo.com o775-331-4485.  


June 9th  Native Species Day at Taylor Creek Visitor Center, South Lake Tahoe.  NNPS will have booth at this event.  If you would like to volunteer to help at the booth, please contact Cheryl Beyer at ltbmu.botanist.cherylbeyer@gmail.com.

June 22nd  Long Valley, Lassen County 
Our leader for this trip will be Marco Sandi. On this field trip we will be exploring meadows at the boundary of sagebrush steppe and conifer forest mixed with groves black oak.
The meadows are located on the Anderson Ranch which borders the Plumas National Forest. We will be parking in ranch house driveway and exploring the meadows on foot. The trail is an easy loop with minor incline. High clearance and four wheel drive vehicles are not required for this trip. The road to the ranch is a five mile drive on a level gravel road.
Those traveling from the Carson Area should meet at the U.S. Forest Service Offices located at 1536 South Carson Street, Carson City by 9:00 am. Meet at the McDonalds Restaurant located at 120 Lemon Drive in north Reno by 9:45 am. We will continue on to meet our leader Marco at Hallelujah Junction by 10:00 am.
For further information contact Marco Sandi at mvsandi@gmail.com or 530-827-3328  John Weiser johnpweiser@yahoo.com or 775-331-4485


June 29th ♦ Summit of Peavine Mountain 
Our leader for this trip will be John Weiser. We will be exploring the scree and talus slopes that cap the summit of this high desert mountain. It is hoped that we will see the mats of Phlox covillei blooming with Astragalus purshii, Astragalus whitneyi var. lenophyllus, Phacelia linearis, Lewisia rediviva var. minor and Castilleja chromosa to name but a handful. 

Those traveling from the Carson Area should meet at the U.S. Forest Service Offices located at 1536 South Carson Street, Carson City by 9:00 am. Meet at the McDonalds Restaurant located at 120 Lemon Drive in north Reno by 10:00am.

The road up to the top of Peavine is in fair shape. The first mile or so is rather bumpy due to exposed basalt rubble in the road bed. Once we are past this section the road is good all the way to the top. (High clearance vehicles are not required but be aware of the bumpy conditions on the first leg of the drive.) We may make a few stops along the way to the top depending upon what is in bloom.

For further information contact John Weiser johnpweiser@yahoo.com or 775-331-4485


July 6th  Open at this time

July 13th  Open at this time 

July 20th ♦ Granite Chief Trail in Shirley Canyon 
Our leader with be Gary Monroe. The Granite Chief Trail meanders uphill through Shirley Canyon in Tahoe National Forest. The trail treats hikers to waterfalls, creeks, wildflower fields and mountain lakes. Details on this trip will be posted as they become available.  

July 20th ♦ Moth Night at Washoe Lake State Park
Janel will give a short presentation on moths and then we will observe some of our native nocturnal pollinators at lure stations. Entrance fee will be charged so carpooling is recommended. We will start at 8:30pm in the hang glider landing area near the Main Entrance, check the state parks website (parks.nv.gov) for more details.

July 20th - 28th ♦ GLORIA project in the White Mountains by the California GLORIA Project.  Click here for flyer. 

July 27th  Lacey Valley, Webber Lake Area 
We will be exploring a variety of habitats around Webber Lake located in south central Sierra County. One plant we will endeavor to see is Eriogonum umbellatum var. torreyanum, the Donner Pass Sulphur Buckwheat. Those leaving from Carson City should meet at The U.S. Forest Service Office (1536 South Carson Street) by 8:00 and head to Truckee. Those coming from Reno should meet at the Lab at 920 Valley Rd by 8:15 and head for Truckee. We will meet up at the Truckee Community Recreation Center at about 9:00 and continue on to the intersection of  Hwy 89 and Jackson Meadows Road. We will meet The Harnachs at about 9:30 in the parking lot for the turnoff to Webber Lake -Jackson Lake on Hwy 89 (Little Truckee Summit) approx 14 miles north of the Sierraville turnoff on I80. Standard vehicles will be fine for this trip. Here are several Google Maps to help with navigation.

For further information you may contact Nancy and Bill Harnach at 530-994-3464 or John Weiser 775-331-4485

August 3rd  Donner Pass Road south 
Our leader for this trip will be Gary Monroe. 
Bring water, lunch, suntan lotion and insect repellent. There is always the possibility of thunderstorms.

Carson City residents should meet at the Forest Service office at 8:30 am (take Highway 28 around the lake). Reno residents meet at the McDonalds at Mae Ann and West McCarran at 9:00am. We will meet at the Pacific Crest Trailhead at 10:00 am. To reach the trailhead, you can take the Donner Lake exit and drive along the North side of the lake. At the top of the grade is the Alpine Skills Institute. Turn left and drive about ¼ mile to the trailhead. You can also drive the Interstate to exit 174 and turn left. Drive through Norden and pass the ski areas. If you see Donner Lake you have gone too far. Turn right just before the Alpine Skills Institute and go about ¼ mile to the trailhead.
The hike is fairly steep after the first part through the trees but there will be switchbacks. We will find moist area plants among the trees. After we leave the trees, we should find five species of Penstemon. Hopefully, we will find Keckelia lemmonii. We will start at an elevation of about 7,000 feet . Elevation gain is about 600 feet in about 1 ½ mile.  My plan is to hike until about noon, eat lunch and take our time coming down. 

August 9th - 12th ♦ Overnight trip to Great Basin National Park

Contact person for this trip is Janel Johnson. This trip is planned to coincide with the GLORIA (GLobal Observation Research Initiative in Alpine environments) plot monitoring in the park.  Great Basin NP is home to the endemic alpine plants Eriogonum holmgrenii and Arenaria congesta var. wheelerensis as well as Great Basin bristlecone pine and several rare plants that are endemic to the Great Basin region. Planned activities are to visit some of the trails at various elevations in the park and some rare plant sites.  Tours of Lehman cave are also available.  Please visit the park’s website for more information. www.nps.gov/grba

We currently do not have enough participants to reserve the group campground or hire a camp cook, so camping will be on your own. We need 5 more people to be able to reserve the group camp area. There are also motels, rental cabins, and restaurants in Baker. If you are interested in joining the trip, please email Janel and specify whether you plan to camp or stay elsewhere. 

August 17th  open at this time 

August 24th  Washoe Lake. Meet at 8:30 at the paved parking lot on the east side of the Bellvue exit on highway 395 in Washoe Valley. We will be examining the mud flats that are exposed as the lake level recedes. We hope to see, among others, Crypsis alopecuroides, Bergia texana, Cyperus squarrosus, and of course the plant that turns the mudflats yellow, Camissonia tanacetifolia. Leader Arnold Tiehm, 775-329-1645.

August 31st  open at this time


2013 Southern Nevada Field Trips
Field trips organized by the Southern Nevada group will be held the third Saturday of every month, beginning March 16, 2013.
March 16, 2013 - Nelson's Landing - for meeting location and time, contact Jim Boone.