Flora ID Plant Keys

The Flora ID Keys have been developed by Bruce Barnes for 18 western states and 4 provinces. The keys identify plants to species; some variety and subspecies descriptions are given in the species description.  Windows XP or later required to run the software.

The following areas are available from NNPS: Nevada, California, Great Basin (Nevada, E California, SE Oregon, S Idaho, W Utah), and Southwest (S California, Arizona, New Mexico)

  • Fast and easy to use

  • All native and naturalized vascular plant species known in each state or region - everything that grows wild, even weeds

  • Color photos for over 99% of species

  • Terms defined and illustrated

  • Select any plant characteristic in any order

  • Program Help and User’s Guide with Tutorial

  • Clickable graphical interface for marking characteristics

    To identify a plant, the user first selects from a hierarchical menu of types of plant characteristics (such as leaves, stem, inflorescence, flower or fruit).  The user then selects those characteristics which best describe the plant to be identified.  Each time a characteristic is marked as being true, the computer eliminates from consideration all plants for which that characteristic is never true, and the computer also identifies all menu choices which would not help to distinguish between the remaining species.  Characteristics may be marked by a choice of three ways, including marking directly on line drawings that illustrate the characterists, as in the image below. 

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