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"The Nevada Native Plant Society (NNPS) is a non-profit corporation organized solely for educational, scientific and charitable purposes for the stimulation of interest in and the developing of an appreciation for native Nevada plants and their preservation" (from the Society's Articles of Incorporation). The Society is supported entirely by membership dues, gifts, and various fundraising activities. All interested in learning more about, conserving, growing, or just seeing and appreciating the 2800+ wild plant species of Nevada and the adjacent Great Basin, Mojave Desert, and eastern Sierra Nevada regions are encouraged to join and participate.  The current Society bylaws are posted below, along with the original 1975 bylaws.

Key Activities

Membership dues are applied for the calendar year.  Memberships for the following calendar year made available beginning in November.

Donations may be added on the next page.  All donations go directly to supporting our programs and research grants.  If you wish to donate to a specific program (guest speakers, grants, publicaitons, etc.) please contact Gary at

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