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Southern Nevada Field Trip - February 18, 2012

On Saturday February 18, 2012, we are doing the kickoff field trip of the year, a visit to the greenhouse at Lake Mead!  Janis Lee, nursery manager, has kindly agreed to show us around.

The greenhouse is not far from the water safety building, but not signed, so we'll plan to meet at the water building at 10am.  It's about 1.5-2 miles from the Boulder City fee station and about 8-9 miles from the Henderson (Lake Mead Pkwy) fee station; if you don't have the all-access pass, you can tell the fee station folks that you are going to the nursery.

After the tour, we can nose around the area to see if anything is coming up, and will likely be done by lunchtime.

If anybody wants to carpool, RSVP to and I'll organize.

Stan Shebs

May 2011 Field Trips

May 14th. A volunteer planting event will be held at the Galena Creek Visitor Center on the Mt. Rose Highway.  This is a Forest Service sponsored event.  We will be putting out native perennials and shrubs grown by Washoe Nursery to provide landscaping.  Please call the Visitor Center at 775-849-4948 for further information and registration.  This will be a first part of the native plant landscaping planned for this area. 


May 15. Jack's Valley Wildlife Management Area.  Trip Leader: Elizabeth Bergstrom, 884-8154.

From Carson area: meet at IHOP (3883 S. Carson St.) for breakfast at 8:15, otherwise at 9:30. 

From Reno: for car-pool meet at pink Scolari's (S. Virginia St., Reno), for Carson IHOP breakfast, at 7:30, otherwise at 8:30. 

Final Meeting place: parking lot of the Jacks Valley Elementary School at 10:00. From Highway 395 south of Carson City turn west onto Jacks Valley Road (Target and Home Depot Shopping Center intersection) and proceed several miles to the elementary school. 

We will be looking for the Carson Valley monkeyflower, a minute yellow flowered annual which is currently being described.   This plant was formerly described as Mimulus montiodes and is limited to the foothills of Carson and Eagle Valleys with a disjunct occurrence in the Red Rock area outside of Reno.  Much of the habitat for this plant has been developed.  

In addition to the monkeyflower we will have a chance to see many more spring annuals. The fieldtrip will run until around noon so you will have some gardening time at home in the afternoon!


May 21. Sand Mountain.  Bring food, water, insect repellent, suntan lotion. Be prepared for any type of weather.   High clearance vehicles recommended.

First meeting place: 8:00 am, at the west side of the parking lot at the Legends Shopping Center, southwest of Scheels, nearest the Sparks Marina. Take the Sparks Blvd. exit from I-80, go north about ½ mile to East Lincoln Way and turn west, go around the first roundabout and follow the road to Scheels.

Second meeting place: 9:15 am at the McDonalds on the west side of Fallon.

From Carson vicinity: meet at Forest Service office, 1536 S.Carson St. (US 395) Carson City, to leave at 8:00.  Rendezvous with Reno group at 9:15 at Fallon McDonald's on US 50.

While there we will look for Penstemon acuminatus var. latebracteatus, Astragalus lentiginosus var. kennedyi and Castilleja angustifolia var. flavescens. This area was a stop on the Pony Express.

Trip Leader: Gary Monroe 775-359-4863 or Email

2010 Field Trips

  • July 24. Carson Pass (Alpine Co.) 
    The trail from Carson Pass to Winnemucca Lake is approximately 4.5
    miles round trip and gains 500 feet of elevation.  Bring a lunch and
    plenty of water.  There is a $5 day use fee for each vehicle at Carson
    Pass.  Fee waived for Interagency Pass and El Dorado NF Annual Pass
    holders.  Trip departure times are:  Pink Scolaris in Reno, 8:15am;
    Carson City Forest Service Office, 8:45am; Woodford's Station, 9:30am,
    Carson Pass, 10am.  Leaders: Elizabeth Bergstrom 775-884-8154, and Janel Johnson 775-684-2911,
  • July 17. Eriogonum Quest, Churchill Narrows (south of Fort Churchill) and other stops (Lyon Co.), Eriogonums visited during the Eriogonum Society Field Trips (June 12 and 13).  Breakfast at Denny's on North Carson Street at Hot Springs Rd, 8am, depart at 9am.  If coming from Reno leave from the Pink Scolaris on South Virginia at 7:30am for breakfast or 8:30am otherwise.  Leader John Weiser, 775-331-4485.
  • July 10. Chapman Saddle (North of Yuba Pass, CA 49,
    Sierra County, CA.)  Meet at 10:00 am at Yuba Pass, CA on Highway 49,
    in parking area on south side of highway.  High clearance vehicles are
    not necessary.  For those traveling from Reno, meet at the McDonald’s
    on southwest corner of West McCarran and Mae Anne just north of
    Interstate 80 at 8:30 am.  For those coming from Carson City, meet at
    the Forest Service office, on Carson Street south of the mall at 8:30
    am.  Leaders Bill and Nancy Harnach, 530-994-3464.
  • June 19. Spooner Lake State Park. 
    Meet at 9:00 am at the stone circle trail-head at Spooner Lake State
    Park.  Write "NNPS" on a card and place it on your dash in front of the
    steering wheel to waive park entry fee.  Carson City meeting place at
    IHOP (3883 S. Carson St, east side just south of Raley's) for breakfast
    at 7:30 am or 8:30 am for the field trip.  Reno rendezvous 8:00 am and
    the Pink Scolari's.  If coming for breakfast, leave by 7:00 am.
    Leader: Ann Pinzl, 883-0463.
  • June 5. Little Valley.  Meet at the Bower's Mansion parking lot (on old 395 in Washoe Valley) at 10:00 am. If carpooling, plan to leave the Pink Scolari's in Reno by 9:35 am. From Carson City leave the SE corner of the Save Mart parking lot in north Carson City at College Parkway and N. Carson St. by 9:30 am. The road to Little Valley is typically in poor condition in the spring so 4WD vehicles are required. Leader: John Christopherson 775-684-2507, jchrist [at] forestry [dot] nv [dot] gov. Alternate contact: Janel Johnson 775-684-2911, jdjohnson [at] state [dot] nv [dot] us.
  • May 29. Rosaschi Ranch/Masonic Mountain. 
    Final meeting place is Rosachi Ranch parking area on the East Walker
    River, Forest Road 28, near the Sonoma historical site. Departure
    times for carpool locations are: Reno Pink Scolari's, 8 am; Carson
    City Forest Service Office (1536 South Carson Street), 8:30am,
    Douglas High School (south end of parking lot) 8:50 am.  After a tour
    of the restoration activities, we will drive up the back road to
    Masonic Mountain to see locations of three rare plants: Phacelia
    monoensis, Astragalus oophorus var. lavinii, and Streptanthus
    oliganthus. The Masonic Mountain portion requires high clearance
    vehicles. Leader: Elizabeth Bergstrom 775-884-8154, Alternate Contact: Janel Johnson 775-684-2911,
  • May 22. Waterfall Fire Revegetation Study Area (Carson City). 
    Meet at 9:00 am at the Jack Davis Observatory, on Van Patten Ave., of
    the Western Nevada College in Carson City. From Reno take US 395 Exit
    43 (US 395 Bus.) - N. Carson St., at the second traffic light, College
    Parkway, turn right, turn right at stop sign, Ormsby St., it will curve
    left and you will be on Combs Canyon Road, go left on Murphy Dr., and
    right on Vanpallan. Reno rendezvous at 8:20 am from the Pink Scolari's.  Leaders Mike Sady (WNC) 775-445-4400 or Larry Taylor, 775-883-6016.
  • May 15. Washoe Lake State Park. 
    Meet at 9:30 am at the parking lot inside the main entrance to the park
    on Eastlake Blvd. (across from Dead Man's Canyon). This is 3.3 miles
    NE from US 395 exit 44. Morning, scout Dead Man's Canyon, late arrivals
    join after lunch for exploration near the lake. Reno rendezvous 8:45,
    Pink Scolari's - Carson 9:00 am at Save Mart (see May 8th trip). Leader
    Ann Pinzl, 775-883-0463.
  • Sunday, Earth Day, April 25. Spanish Springs (Washoe Co.)
    9:00 am - Meet at Walgreen's on the corner of Pyramid Lake Highway
    & Eagle Canyon Road. Leaders Connie Douglas, 775-425-1305, and
    Bonnie Larsen, 775-972-0583.
  • April 17. McCarran Ranch/Lower Truckee River (Washoe/Storey Cos.)  Come join The Nature Conservancy for a day of willow planting on the banks of the Truckee River. NOTE: This has the potential to be muddy work so please bring solid shoes and wading boots or fishing waders if you have them. Following the event, we'll have snacks and beverages. Meet at 10:00 am at the 102 Ranch. Leader: Janel Johnson 775-684-2911

2009 Field Trips

  • Tahoe Meadows (Washoe Co.), August 8. Field trip photos by Janel Johnson. Meet for breakfast at 8:30 am at Tamarack Junction Casino at 13101 S. Virginia St. (from highway 395 take Damonte Ranch Parkway exit west, then south on S. Virginia St.). Coffee Shop is on the right just after the entrance. If not breakfasting join the group by 9:30 am. If coming from the south meet at 8:00 am at the east end of Treadway Park off Fleischmann St., west of Division, to leave surplus cars in shade. Final meeting place at 10:00 am at the Tahoe Meadows Trailhead on southeast side of Mt. Rose Highway west of the road summit. Leaders Elizabeth Bergstrom 775-884-8154 and Janel Johnson 775-684-2911.
    • Mount Lola (Nevada Co., CA), July 26 (Sunday). First meeting place - at the McDonald’s on southwest corner of West McCarran and Mae Anne just north of Interstate 80 at 8:00 am. Second meeting place - On State Route 89 at the exit from Interstate 80 towards Loyalton at 9:00 am. Third meeting place - At the rest area at the junction of State Route 89 and Henness Pass Road at 9:30 am. Bring raingear, food, water, and insect repellent (Note: I have led two trips in the past to Mount Lola and both times we have had violent thunderstorms or hail). Standard vehicles permitted. Leader Gary Monroe 775-359-4863.
    • Slide Mountain (Washoe Co.), July 18. Field trip photos by Janel Johnson. Meet for breakfast at 8:30 am at Tamarack Junction Casino at 13101 S. Virginia St. (from highway 395 take Damonte Ranch Parkway exit west, then south on S. Virginia St.). Coffee Shop is on the right just after the entrance. If not breakfasting join the group by 9:30 am. If coming from the south meet at 8:00 am at the east end of Treadway Park off Fleischmann St., west of Division, to leave surplus cars in shade. Final meeting place at 10:00 am at the back end of Mt. Rose Campground at the summit of Mt. Rose Highway (431). We will walk a narrow ascending road for approximately 1 mile. Leaders Elizabeth Bergstrom 775-884-8154 and Janel Johnson 775-684-2911.
    • Prison Hill/Silver Saddle Ranch (Carson City), July 1 (Wednesday). Meet for breakfast in Carson City at 8:00 am at Denny’s on the NE side of Hot Springs Road and Carson St. (From Reno take exit 43). To car pool from Reno meet at the Pink Scolari’s at Southwest Pavilion, 8165 S. Virginia St. If coming for breakfast depart Reno at 7:20 am, if just coming for the field trip depart Reno at 8:20 am. Departure from Denny’s will be 9:00 am. Leader Larry Taylor 775-883-6016.
    • Dog Valley north of Verdi (Sierra Co., CA), June 20. Field trip photos by Janel Johnson. If coming from the south gather in Carson City at 7:45 am at the east end of Treadway Park off Fleischmann St., west of Division, to leave surplus cars in shade. Reno meeting at 8:30 am at the McDonald’s at Mae Anne and North McCarran. Final meeting at 9:00 am in downtown Verdi, SR 425 and Dog Valley Road. Leaders Elizabeth Bergstrom 775-884-8154 and Janel Johnson 775-684-2911.
    • Spooner Lake (Douglas Co.), June 13. Meet for breakfast in Carson City at Carson Station Hotel Casino (900 S. Carson Street on the west side of Carson Street/Highway 395) at 8:00 am. You can park in Carson Station’s parking lots between 10th & 11th Streets or on the west side of Curry Street (one block west of Carson Street/Rte 395). Those not joining the group for breakfast should meet at the Spooner Lake parking lot at 9:30 am. Mention you are with the wildflower walk and your park entrance fee will be waived. Leader Ann Pinzl 775-883-0463.
    • Spring Mountains (Clark Co.), June 13. Meet at 7:00 am at the Kyle Canyon turnoff on Hwy 95. The trip will head up the mountain in search of wildflowers. For more info, contact DeVon Ekenstam 702-378-0624 or ekenstam [at] mvdsl [dot] com. Frenchman's Lake & Ferris Swamp (Plumas Co., CA), June 7 (Sunday - changed from newsletter!). Meet at the Frosty in Chilcoot California on the north side of highway 70. This is west from Hallelujah Junction on highway 395. Leaders Bill & Nancy Harnach 530-994-3464.
    • East side of Diamond Range (Plumas Co., CA) and Red Rocks (Washoe Co.), May 30. Meet at 8:00 am just north of US 395 at the Red Rock Road exit, in the cul-de-sac just south of the Shell Station on the west side of Red Rock Road. Leader John Dyer 775-677-2714.
    • Pine Nut Mountains, Sunrise Pass (Douglas Co.), May 16. Meet for breakfast at 8:00 am at Denny's in Carson City on the NE corner of Hot Springs Road and Carson Street (this is US 395 business route, take exit 43 if coming from Reno). To car pool from Reno meet at the pink Scolari's in the Southwest Pavilion at 8165 S. Virginia St. If coming for breakfast depart at 7:20 am, if tripping but not breakfasting depart at 8:20 am. Departure from Denny's will be at 9:00 am. Leaders Dr. Robin Tausch 775-784-5329 (USFS) and Larry Taylor 775-883-6016.
    • North Valleys Sagebrush Ramble (Washoe Co.), May 6 (Wednesday). Meet at 8:45 am. Place to be determined. Call the leaders Connie Douglas 775-425-1305 & Bonnie Larsen 775-972-0583 for the meeting place.
    • Gold Butte (Clark Co.), April 25. Meet DeVon at Whitney Pockets on Friday evening (any time) or on Saturday morning at ±8:00 am. DeVon will be in a black Ford Ranger parked just off the road at Whitney pockets. We will begin in the area around Whitney Pockets and go from there when everyone arrives. If there is enough interest, the field trip could be extended to the 26th. Please call ahead if you are planning to attend so we will know who to expect and when, and so you can get directions, if needed. Call DeVon Ekenstam at 702-378-0624 or e-mail to ekenstam [at] mvdsl [dot] com. This is a combined field trip with the Friends of Gold Butte. There is plenty of lodging in Mesquite, NV if you do not want to stay overnight.
    • CANCELED!! Truckee River Canyon (Washoe/Storey counties), April 25. Meet at 8:00 am at 780 Vista Blvd., SW corner of Vista and Prater Way in Sparks (AMEC Engineering parking lot). High clearance vehicles recommended. Leader John Dyer 775-677-2714.
    • First Creek (Clark Co.), April 18. Join DeVon at 7:30am at the First Creek trailhead parking off of Hwy 159 (just north of Spring Mtn Ranch State Park). This is a great hike and hopefully the waterfall is still flowing good. Contact DeVon Ekenstam at 702-378-0624 or e-mail to ekenstam [at] mvdsl [dot] com.
    • Highland Range and/or Nelson area (Clark Co.), April 4. Meet at 8 am at the Railroad Pass Casino parking lot. We will explore the area around the Highland Range (west side of US 95 south of the Nelson Road turnoff). If not much is blooming, we can take the road to Nelson and see what is blooming closer to the lake. For more information, contact Matt Hamilton at 702-468-2251 or mojave0827 [at] aol [dot] com.

    2008 Field Trips

    August 2008:
    • Barker Pass above Homewood (west shore Lake Tahoe, California), August 2. May include search for Tahoe yellowcress. Leaders Gary Monroe 775-359-4863 and Steve Caicco 775-861-6341.

    July 2008:

    • Summit Lake north of Donner summit (northern California), July 26. Meet at 8:00 am at the McDonald's at the southwest corner of North McCarran & Mae Anne in NW Reno. Pack a lunch and water. Trip involves a hike of approximately 3 miles. For those who plan to meet at Donner Summit, call leader Paul Mungan for meeting location (747-4567). To extend your weekend at Donner summit join Larry Taylor for Saturday night and Sunday. Bring sleeping bag. Bunk at Sierra Club's Clair Tappaan Lodge at Norden on old US 40. Dinner, breakfast, and U-build-it sack lunch included at $46 for SC members, $51 for non-members. Need more information? Call Larry Taylor at 775-883-6016.
    • Antelope Valley (near Sierra Valley, northern California), July 12. Group 1 will meet at 8:00 am at the McDonald's at the Lemon Valley exit on highway 395 north of Reno. Group 2 will meet at 8:00 am at Country Cooking in Loyalton for coffee and/or breakfast. Country Cooking is on the east side of Highway 49, next to the new Sierra County Sheriffs office. The two groups will converge at Country Cooking at 9:00, and proceed from there. Travel will be on dirt roads, high clearance vehicles suggested, bring lunch and beverages, and sunscreen. Ride sharing will be available. For more info call John Dyer, 775-770-0035 (day) or 775-677-2714 (evenings), or Bill or Nancy Harnach at 916-994-3464.

    June 2008:

    • Lower Prey Meadows (Lake Tahoe east shore), June 14. Meet at 8:00 am for breakfast at Denny's in Carson City at the NE corner of Hot Springs Road and N. Carson St. From Reno take exit 43. Depart from Denny's at 9:00 am. Reno carpoolers meet at 7:15 am at the Pink Scolari's at 8165 S. Virginia St. if meeting for breakfast, otherwise meet at 8:15 am. Final rendezvous at 9:45 at gate to Skunk Harbor road on Highway 28, 1 mile N of Carson/Douglas County line. Bring lunch and water. Hike to meadow is approximately 1.5 miles (Julie Carville "Hike" #29). Leader Larry Taylor 775-883-6016.

    May 2008:

    •  Lower slopes of Peavine Mountain (Washoe Co.), May 17. Meet at 8:00 am at the McDonald's at the Lemmon Valley exit on highway 395 north of Reno. Leader Paul Mungan 747-4567.
    • Silver Peak area (Esmeralda Co.), May 9-11+. Should be some of the best spring flowers in Nevada this year. Dry camping in the Silver Peak Range. Gas, groceries, RV parks, and motels available in Tonopah and Goldfield. To coordinate carpooling, be at May 1 NNPS meeting in Reno, or call trip leaders. First meeting place Friday May 9th: intersection of Nevada highways 264 and 773, north end of Fishlake Valley, no later than 1:00 pm. Fill gas in Hawthorne if coming from Reno area, Big Pine or Bishop if coming from Owens Valley, or Tonopah if coming from southeast. Camping Friday night Coyote Summit on road between Fishlake Valley and town of Silverpeak. Second meeting place Saturday May 10th: Coyote Summit no later than 10:00 am. Camping Saturday night Railroad Summit between Silverpeak and Lida. Third meeting place Sunday May 11th: Railroad Summit no later than 9:30 am. Stephen Ingram of CNPS will join the group to lead us to some rare species habitat. For those interested in joining later or staying longer, Jim Morefield will meet any malingerers at Railroad Summit Sunday night or Monday late-morning, and stay through the 13th or 14th. Leaders Gary Monroe (359-4863), Larry Taylor (883-6016), and Jim Morefield (782-4360).
    • Pine Nut Range (Douglas Co.), May 3.
    • CANCELED! Gold Butte (Clark Co.), May 2-4 (Friday-Sunday). Join field trip leader Devon Ekenstam (ekenstam [at] mvdsl [dot] com or 702-378-0624) for either day hikes or an overnight stay in the Whitney Pockets area of the Gold Butte area south of the City of Mesquite along the Gold Butte Backcountry Byway. For those who prefer facilities, the amenities of the City of Mesquite are not far away.

    April 2008:

    • Petersen Range (Washoe Co.), April 26. Meet at 8:00 am at the cul-de-sac north of highway 395 at the Red Rock exit. This is just south of the Shell Station. Leaders John Dyer 775-677-2714 and Bonnie Larsen 775-972-0583.
    • Mormon Mountains (Clark Co., possibly the Hackberry Springs area), April 19. Meet field trip leader Devon Ekenstam (ekenstam [at] mvdsl [dot] com or 702-378-0624) at the Carp Elgin exit on Interstate 15 North of the Las Vegas Valley at 7:30 AM. Will botanize in sandy lowland areas up to middle elevations of the Mormon Mountains. Expect to see a wide variety of Mojave Desert flora, including Yucca, Agave and our native desert shrubs. We will stop for lunch at the Logandale Park for a picnic after the hike. Upper Las Vegas Wash area of North Las Vegas (Clark Co.), April 5. Another local group, the Protectors of Tule Springs (POTS), will be offering a hike to view Las Vegas Bearpoppy habitat. To join them, meet at 9:45AM at the Sun City Aliante Clubhouse parking lot (NE corner of Aliante Parkway and Elkhorn, north of the 215.) Contact Sue Wainscott (suewainscott [at] mac [dot] com) for more information.

    March 2008:

    • North Shore Road and Valley of Fire State Park area (Clark Co.), March 22nd (exact destination to be determined). Meet field trip leader Matt Hamilton (702-468-2251) at the USGS office in Henderson (directions below) at 7:00 AM to begin our excursion. The trip will consist of either several short hikes or an extended hike depending upon participant’s interest and available floral displays.



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