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First Name Last Namesort descending Title Company or Agency Division or Unit Phone Email (Click to decode) City State Interests
Scott Abella Director Natural Resource Conservation, LLC Las Vegas NV
Ecological restoration, fire ecology and management, plant distributions and ecology
Sheila Anderson Senior Resource Specialist Resource Concepts, Inc. 7758831600 furvyn@epv-ai.pbz Carson City NV
Experienced in surveys and management of all Great Basin ecosystems, including wetlands, Sierra Nevada East Slope, and Mojave Desert.
James M. Andre Director University of California Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center 7607334222 Kelso CA
My areas of interest/research: "floristics, rare plant population biology, conservation biology"
Cheryl Beyer Forest Botanist Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit 5305432842 porlre@sf.srq.hf South Lake Tahoe NV
Nevada plant enthusiast
Marvel Clyde Colorscapes Greenhouse and Nursery 7757535000 Spring Creek NV
Retail grower specializing in garden and landscape plants for Northern Nevada.
Jill Craig Environmental Compliance Coordinator City of Boulder City Public Works 702-293-9301 Boulder City NV
Specialize in restoration and reclamation of Mojave Desert and other Western habitats.
Karen Dillman Ecologist Forest Service Petersburg Supervisors Office - Tongass National Forest 9077725865 xqvyyzna@sf.srq.hf Petersburg AK
orchids, lichens, fungi
Rita Dodge Director of Conservation Red Butte Garden and Arboretum University of Utah 8015855853 Evgn.Qbqtr@ erqohggr.hgnu.rqh Salt Lake City UT
We specialize in ex-situ conservation of rare taxa through long-term seed storage. We also conduct the following activities with rarea tax: demographic & population monitoring, surveys, propagation development, and revegetation.
Michael P. Dolan Botanist Bureau of Land Management Alturas Field Office 5302337923 zqbyna@oyz.tbi Alturas CA
Northern Great Basin, Modoc Plateau (CA), sagebrush steppe; grasses; fire ecology
Maureen Easton Wildlife Biologist Forest Service Carson Ranger District, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest 7758848151 zrnfgba@sf.srq.hf Carson City NV
Julie Etra Botanist, Erosion Control and Restoration Specialist Western Botanical Services Inc. 7758393223 rgen.whyvr@tznvy.pbz Reno NV
Naomi Fraga Conservation Botanist Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Claremont CA
The genus Mimulus, Floristics of the southwest, and rare plant conservation.
Mike Friend District Botanist Forest Service Beckwourth Ranger District 5308367167 zwsevraq@sf.srq.hf Blairsden CA
I manage rare plants, noxious weeds, and native plant revegetation on the Beckwourth District of the Plumas National Forest.
Russell Harrison Horticulture Services Supervisor Springs Preserve 7022582462 Ehffryy.Uneevfba@ Las Vegas NV
Specialize in growing Mojave native plant material and their uses in residential/commercial landscaping.
Cheri Howell Ecologist Forest Service Humboldt- Toiyabe National Forest pubjryy02@sf.srq.hf Wells NV
Carol Hummel Retired Environmental Biologist Kentucky Natural Resources Cabinet 775-297-1960 Minden NV
NV flora
Janel Johnson Wetland Ecologist Nevada Natural Heritage Program 7756842911 Carson City NV
Wetland vegetation, rare plants in the Great Basin.
Micki Kelly Principal Plant Ecologist Kelly Biological Consulting zvpxvxryyl@whab.pbz Truckee CA
Sarah Kulpa Botanist U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 7758616340 fnenu_xhycn@sjf.tbi Reno NV
James Morefield Botanist Nevada Natural Heritage Program 7756842902 Carson City NV
Kathleen Nelson Forest Botanist Forest Service Inyo National Forest xtaryfba01@sf.srq.hf Bishop CA
The NV portions of the White Mountains and Adobe Hills are part of the Inyo NF; as such, I am responsible for managing rare plant species, communities, and weeds in those areas.
Dr. W. Kent Ostler Senior Scientist National Security Technologies, LLC 7022950393 bfgyrejx@ai.qbr.tbi Las Vegas NV
Experienced with Rare plants, Ecology, Vegetation sampling, Revegetation
Judy Perkins Forest Botanist Forest Service Modoc National Forest 5302338827 whqlycrex@lnubb.pbz Alturas CA
Flora of northwest Nevada. Particularly interested in whitebark pine habitats.
Allison Phillips Graduate Student University of Nevada, Reno nyyvfbacuvyyvcf18@ tznvy.pbz Reno NV
Michael B. Piep Assistant Curator Utah State University Intermountain Herbarium 4357970061 zvpunry.cvrc@hfh.rqh Logan UT
Ann Pinzl former Curator of the Herbarium Nevada State Museum Natural History Collections Service ncvamy@foptybony.arg Carson City NV
Nevada flora; herbarium curation methods et al.
Teresa Prendusi Regional Botanist Forest Service Intermountain Region 8016255522 gceraqhfv@sf.srq.hf Ogden UT
Gary Reese Nevada Division of Forestry Elko NV
Vegetation classification, ordination and mapping; special status species surveys; floristic inventories; wildlife habitat assessment
James Reveal Professor Cornell University wye326@pbearyy.rqh Ithaca NY
Flora of Intermountain West; Polygonaceae, especially Eriogonum and allied genera.
JoAnne Robben Sr. Environmental Specialist Resource Concepts, Inc. 7758831600 wbnaar@epv-ai.pbz Carson City NV
Daniel Robison Biologist Enviroscientists, Inc. 7758268822 qebovfba@raivebvaphf.pbz Reno NV
specialize in sagebrush and pinyon/juniper communities
Seth A. Shanahan Senior Biologist Southern Nevada Water Authority 7028823300 frgu.funanuna@fajn.pbz Las Vegas NV
I specialize in riparian and wetland plants
Aaron E. Sims Rare Plant Botanist California Native Plant Society 9163243816 Sacramento CA
Alison Stanton BMP Eccosciences 4159902269 nyvfbarfgnagba@ foptybony.arg South Lake Tahoe CA
Tahoe yellow cress, Tahoe draba,steamboat buckwheat, williams combleaf,forestry and fuels management
Lloyd Stark Associate Professor of Biological Sciences University of Nevada, Las Vegas 7028953119 YEF@HAYI.arinqn.rqh Las Vegas NV
I specialize in the ecology of mosses
Alicia Styles Wildlife Biologist Bureau of Land Management Caliente Field Office 7757268128 nfglyrf@oyz.tbi Caliente NV
interested in rare plants in Lincoln County
Lee Turner Habitat Restoration Ecologist/ Botanist Nevada Department of Wildlife 7756881542 Reno NV
Vegetation restoration (community and species level), habitat restoration, noxious plant eradication and/or control, assisted succession in low precipitation Wyoming sagebrush sites (generally following wildfire)